This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Sunday, 24 November 2019

Sunday at the RV Park

Where are we now?
Wandering Oaks RV Park, Ocala, Florida

Last night we had a little bit of rain and I think a slight spit during the night. Today’s temperatures were forecasted to be only 18C/64F but our outside thermometer showed 22C/71F in the shade this afternoon. No complains about that. 

While I was preparing our dinner last night our next-door RV neighbor came by with a bag full of dog goodies including food samples, poop bags, promotional items and two new toys. She said that those were all gifts from Pet Smart and their dog would not eat, use or play with any of them and she was wondering if we wanted them.  No question about that as Elsa already had her nose in the bag and even Reggy, who is not usually into squeaky toys, took off with the yellow toy. That was a nice gesture from our neighbours and we appreciated the gifts.

Two new squeaky toys

This morning we drove over to the local Gander store, which is now called Camping World, Gander, Overton’s. I wanted to purchase a double bar for our refrigerator to prevent items falling out of it when I open the door after a rough road trip. (Yep, had half the contents fall into my lap) They had the single bars but were out of the double bar. However, we walked out of the store with a new pair of shorts for Benno since it was the kind he had been looking for and the store had a sale on for 25% off all merchandise. I might go back there next Friday when they are also offering great deals and to check if the item had been restocked.

At the Flea Market

On our way back home we swung by the big Flea Market they have here alongside the I-75. The parking lots were pretty full already and we ended up parking on the grass fields. The stalls in the buildings were mostly open and outside there were many tables set up with all kinds of things. Lots of people milling about looking, just like us, but we left empty-handed.  

These two little doggies were huddled in a chair at the Flea Market
I thought they were cute

Back at the trailer we spent a leisure afternoon and a walk around the park with the dogs. I took some more pictures to show what it looks like here.

Thanks for visiting. I'll keep everyone updated on our next visits and adventures.


  1. Camping World, we have so far only driven by them on our way but want to get into one for sure.
    What an awesome gift for the pooches! :)
    That looks like a lovely park with lots of green space for the Elsa and Reggy. Don't fall in love with Florida - we want to see you in AZ!

    1. I really feel bad but we wont see you guys down in AZ this winter. My 5 return trips (from Oct. to Oct.) to Germany really cut into our travel budget so we stay a little closer to home this time. We’ll be missing the mountains and hikes for sure but next year there will be NO excuse!

  2. I have no idea what those double bars you are taking about for the fridge are. When you get it can you post a photo please. How sweet of that lady to share the dog toys and other items.