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Saturday, 23 March 2019

My Birthday Celebration at the Big Texan Steak House

Where are we now?
AOK Camping RV, Amarillo TX

Today is my birthday and we started out with a champagne brunch, which were followed with a dinner at the World Famous Texan Steakhouse here in Amarillo. It is voted “top ten” steak houses in America by Maxim Magazine. Also it offers a FREE 72oz (that’s 2014 grams) steak dinner with baked potato, vegetables, dinner roll and an appetizer if all eaten within one hour. Not only is this huge dinner for free if you manage to wolf that down, but the restaurant also has a FREE Limo service that will pick you up from “Motels/Hotels/and RV Parks” and bring you back regardless of what you are going to eat.  But there is ample parking around this restaurant in addition for RV parking in the back, so you don’t have to unhook and even an overnight equestrian accommodation should you decide to ride on in. I noticed an enclosed dog walking area between the parking lot and their own Motel that is next to the restaurant. The “Big Texan” is right next to the I-40 at Exit #74.

We were there in the morning (it's open from 7:30 - 10:30) to inquire if we needed a reservation for dinner, hence the almost empty parking lot

The bar still empty and longhorns for sale

You can do some shooting or try your luck at the slots

How about a bear hug?

You can cuddle up to this fella on the bench
or order some in-house made ice cream

Benno entertaining the sales lady at the HUGE Souvenir store

Some of the items for sale & far too much stuff to take pictures of

Their own Motel strip

We arrived for our dinner

Starting with the appetizers

Our dinner arrived

Halfway through my Prime Rib dinner
Ohh did I tell you if its your birthday your dinner is FREE!

Three guys attempting to eat each a 72oz (4.5 lbs) steak dinner
within one hour. Note the wastebaskets beside each seat!

Note the guy on the right is almost done with his steak after half an hour
and now is working on his baked potato.
 I asked him if he would eat another steak and he almost fainted!

And this is what a 72oz steak looks like.

Travelling just past the Steak House on I-40, at Exit 72A, you cannot miss the impressive building of the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame to be seen next to the overpass. While I am not into horses per se or know how to ride one, I do appreciate a good horse show and have enjoyed watching horse races. The sculptures outside the building are impressive and a peek inside told me that if interested, a visit would be worth your while to view the many memorabilia. 

Another landmark often written about in this area is the Cadillac Ranch. Located next to the I-40, on a cow pasture are 10 graffiti-covered Cadillac’s standing upright in a row, buried nose-first in the ground. It started way back in 1974 where the Cadillac’s were buried in a wheat field but relocated to its present location in 1997. The purpose behind this innovative artwork was to be an interactive monument so people could express themselves.

We went to see the Cadillac’s among a throng of other onlookers. Some were equipped with a bag full of spray paint cans so they could leave their mark. However, most creations, regardless of how carefully applied, only lived as long as the next likeminded visitor arrived.

Hopefully you didn't get tired of the many pictures in todays posting. We will be off tomorrow morning and heading north-east. Thanks for visiting and see you again soon.


  1. Nice that you enjoyed a nice birthday meal at the BIG Texan and got to see the cadillac ranch, always a fun place to visit , Safe travels as your move on down the road again.

    1. It was fun to see the Cadillac Ranch and I would be a shame to pass it up while here. The Big Texan is quite the site, especially during dinner time!

  2. Happy Birthday Marlene, looks like you had a great day. We to have painted our names at Cadillac Ranch. Usually you can find a can laying on the ground with enough paint in it, to spray your name.

    1. It would have been so nice to discover your names on one of the Cadillac's. Yes, there were spray cans around and a lot of lids on the ground. You saw the pilgrimage on the pictures.

  3. Happy Birthday Marlene. Glad you had a fun filled day enjoying Amarillo.
    Be Safe on your homeward trek.

    It's about time.

    1. I had a good visit here and not enough time to visit the Indian Museum, which I think would be interesting too.

  4. Happy Birthday, Marlene! I'm sorry I missed it yesterday! It sure looks like a great day.
    That is some BIG steak!! And even your meal after 1/2 finished is huge.
    We liked Cadillac Ranch and all 4 of us left our mark this winter. :)

    1. Thanks Patsy. The steak I took the picture of had already some chunks off it consumed by the guy who was 15 minutes into his meal. Pass the info that if it happens to be your birthday while here, your meal is free. There must have been about 300+ patrons eating at the time we were there, no kidding, and still more room for more.

  5. Happy Birthday Marlene! Didn't know about the free Birthday meal, but is nice to pass along that info! We love that place every time we pass through Amarillo. The Stockyard Cafe has excellent breakfast food too! Enjoy and travel safely!

    1. Thanks guys. Found out about the free BD meal at the travel centre. Heard that some people stay overnight with their RVs at the restaurant in back, although they have their own RV Campground just a few miles south. Have not been to the Stockyard Cafe yet.

  6. Happy birthday. What fun you had. That champagne brunch looks very posh. You two are hitting all the tourists spots in both directions of travel. Safe travels.

    1. Thank you Contessa. Would have visited a few more sites if the weather would have cooperated. Mostly sorry that we didn't get to the Palo Duro Canyon ;-(