This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Some good deals and a break from the heat

Blue Jay MH & RV Resort, Dade City, Florida

After two days of hot temps here in mid Florida, we cooled down today to 76F/24C. There was even a shower here at the RV Park but we were away at the time shopping in Zephyrhills where it stayed dry.

I had found out that Bealls, a department store, carries Benno’s favorite style of Crocs shoes. On Monday we had gone to the Aldi Store in Lakeland where I took advantage of some great food deals, like a dozen large eggs for 78 cents and family packs of pork loin and chicken breasts and many more good deals. However, there was also a large Bealls store close by. Of course I combined the outing to pop into Bealls to see if they had the elusive Crocs. They had, but wouldn’t you know it, not in his size 10.

Baked parmesan crusted chicken breast and green beans
we ate on Monday (Aldi foods)

So today while we were in Zephyrhills where there is also a Bealls store, I gave it another try to find those Crocs.  Yes, they had that style and color, but just as I had feared, only in sizes 12, 11 and 8. Darn! Not to be defeated I talked to a store sales associate and found out that they cannot order any more shoes in but I could order them online for the same store sales price to be shipped to the RV Park, which I did right there and then. I got a confirmation of my order by email but it did not say when they would be shipped. We’ll see what happens but my hunt for the shoes has stopped. For now.

Tuesday dinner of Lake Erie Pickerel fish filet I had in the freezer from home
with a herb cream sauce

Another first for us was a visit to the “Rural King” store. We weren’t familiar with this kind of a chain farm store and found that it is like a TSC (Tractor Supply Center) but five times or more the size of a TSC. They had several varieties of live chicks in the store, which I found most interesting. Honestly, I didn’t know so many different kinds of chickens existed. However, Benno found a good deal for a Hitch Ball and I thought to give the package of “Amish Kluski Noodles” a try. They look like “Spaetzle” and I will report once I cooked them. Oh, and a new pair of jeans landed in my shopping cart as well.

How about:
Columbian Wyandotte, Egyptian Fayoumi or
Black Australorp Chick?

Out in the parking lot there were several unique motorbikes parked close to our truck. Haven’t seen any like these back home in Canada.

You must think we are out shopping every day, but we do get restless sometimes and you can only do so much reading and relaxing, so a little window shopping and browsing of stores that are not familiar to us, is kind of interesting too. 

Tonights dinner we had Cordon Bleu pork tenderloin
I stuffed the pork with Prosciutto and Jarlsberg Cheese

These two signs we spotted here in front of two mobile homes and they made us smile.

Thanks everyone to visiting and I hope you all had a good day as well. 

Sunday, 8 December 2019

I have to get used to the heat!

Blue Jay MH & RV Resort, Dade City, Florida

As I am writing this post in the late afternoon it is still way over 80F/30C showing on our outside thermometer under the sun awning.  Since we settled here and try to relax, there are not too many exciting things happening. Benno had a problem with his nautical crocs shoes. The anti slip sole had come off and we didn’t have glue to put it back on. That necessitated a trip into town. After visiting several stores that we though would perhaps carry it, but they didn’t and we got sidetracked by looking at other merchandise we finally got exhausted and went back home empty handed. Made a barbecue of smoked brisket hamburgers with bacon and other fixings and then called it a day. 

That crocs shoe (I almost wrote c..p shoe) dilemma was still there the next day and we decided to go to a Crocs shoe outlet store. One is located at the Tampa Premium Outlet Mall next to the I-75 on the northern area of Tampa. Wouldn’t you know it, the Crocs store had all kinds of neat looking shoes in sizes 9 and 11 but Benno has a shoe size 10 and there were no shoes in that size. Go figure. We may end up by digging up some contact cement and fixing the problem. However we walked a bit through the pedestrian streets in that mall before heading back to the car.

As we were leaving we noticed a HUGE Costco store on the other side of the road and in-between that and the mall there was another mega store called: “At Home” a home decor store. Benno was thinking it could be something like an IKEA and encouraged me to go in to just have a look and browse. My goodness, this store is a kind of “Hobby Lobby” style and has 108,600 square feet (I had to look that up) with probably more than 50,000 home d├ęcor items. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. 

I tried to take some interesting photos but because the store is so large you really have to concentrate on specific items or it’s just a blur of long corridors. What did I come out with? Empty handed but with two blisters on my toes from walking!

Back at the RV Park there was a Craft Show and fundraiser with baked goods at the main community center. Lots of neat looking homemade things, but I don’t know what I would do with them so left them for someone else to take home.

As the hunt for the shoe or contact cement continues, I’ll be reporting of the outcome. Thanks for everyone checking in and I hope you all had a beautiful Sunday.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

So it turns out Willi is a Gopher!

Blue Jay MH & RV Resort, Dade City, Florida

Wouldn’t you know it; Willi woke up today and decided to work on another tunnel system. The previous opening had been closed up and had laid undisturbed for a couple of days. But behind our trailer there was some activity just as we came home at lunchtime from a shopping trip. A new mount was in progress and Willi proceeded to pile more dirt onto it. At the same time two RV lots to our left there was another mount just being created. Wow, Willi has a Missis or Buddy and they are in competition which one makes the biggest mount the fastest! I went to investigate and to capture their doings. I haven’t figured yet out how to put my video clips into the blog, as it seems to be too big in bytes. However a few photos might do.

Willi labouring away at the mount

Willi's buddy or girlfriend

When I asked the Internet for information on Willi and his family I discovered that he actually is a pocket gopher and not a mole.  I’m not sure which is worse for the garden. Moles, I learned, can dig a tunnel 15-18 feet long in an hour and move really fast in them. They eat earthworms and insects while gophers eat plant roots, shrubs, and other vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, radishes etc. they also may gnaw on electric cables. Their tunnels are more in a straight line and they move backwards in them. One thing is for sure; those rascals will be a nuisance to the park management and an entertainment to us.

While we were in town today to pick up a few items at Walmart, a visit to Lowe’s which is next door, yielded two flower pots that are now holding down our outdoor carpet. Hopefully their weight will be enough so that the carpet will not flap or sail away should we get some strong wind. We’ll see.

Benno unpacked his package this afternoon and I can report he is a happy camper. It had been a replacement for our weight distribution hitch. The following is Benno’s words as he can explain this better than me.  

We noticed that our hitch system which we had since 2013 showed seizing marks where the spring bars mate the hitch head. On top of this it gave strange sounds from it while driving around corners. (It moaned and groaned) We inherited this hitch as a freebee when we bought our first trailer to live in while working on our house. Our present trailer’s tongue weight was close or right on the border of the hitch’s limit. Short story, we needed a new weight distribution hitch and got a Curt #17062 hitch system which has a grease jerk fitting at the critical parts where the spring bars meet the hitch head and the hitch specs can easy handle our 1000 lb. tongue weight and the trailer’s GVWR of 6500 Ib. I think the grease fittings at the bushings, which house the fitted spring bars, are the major plus of this system.

A nice gathering of our neighbours

We ended our outdoor activities this afternoon at a nice happy hour gathering at our neighbor’s porch area where we had an opportunity to meet lots of nice and friendly residents here. We are looking forward to many more gatherings.
Hope everyone had a good day too and thanks for visiting again.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

A day of waiting

Blue Jay MH & RV Resort, Dade City, Florida

We placed an order online a few days ago. The UPS tracking number showed it has been out for delivery since 09:25 a.m. so we were hopeful to get our package this morning. It is now evening and there is no sign of UPS. That is disappointing since we hung around the trailer all day waiting and being afraid to go anywhere in case we would miss the delivery guy. 

Florida is now slowly warming up again and todays high were 19C/66F. Tomorrow it should be even warmer. The dogs had their numerous walks with Benno and again with me and for a while we sat outside enjoying the nice warm sunshine. No sign of Willi. Maybe he is exhausted from his recent excavating activity and is now asleep. 

I took a few more pictures here in the park. There were landscaping guys at work at a couple of houses planting nice looking shrubs and flowers. Most owners have a little flower garden or plants around their units and the colors are beautiful. The next few pictures were taken around our unit and I will take more over the next little while.

In our park’s newsletter I noticed an offer for free lemons in someone’s backyard. They said they had thousands and to feel free to pick some. So I did. In Canada the lemons are often sold in bunches and I have been in the habit of freezing the juice and zest separately so I have it at hand when the recipe calls for them. On our boats I used to wrap lemons and limes in aluminum foil and stored them in the fridge. That kept them fresh for long periods.

So not much had been happening here today. We laid the outdoor carpet out, but need to weigh it down with some planters. The supplied carpet anchors, which are meant for lawn or dirt ground, don't do any good on the concrete pad. This will justify a trip in to Zephyrhills tomorrow to get some nice looking planters.

Update: Yay, the UPS guy just pulled in with our package at 06.30 PM! He needed Benno's help to lift the damned thing from the truck as it weighed about 100 pounds according to him. The contents I will reveal tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

This has never happened to me before

Blue Jay MH & RV Resort, Dade City, Florida

This morning in the bathroom, as I was grabbing for my towel on the towel rack and proceeded to put my wet and water dripping face into it, a fat spider sat in its fold. I screamed out of shock so that Benno shot up in bed, hit his head on the overhead cabinet and came rushing into the bathroom thinking something had happened to me. Now if it had been a cute little ladybug I wouldn’t be so hysterical but I find spiders totally ugly and disgusting. We both ran outside in our pajamas to dispose of this unwelcome hitchhiker and to take a quick photo. This spider had probably be hiding somewhere in the trailer just waiting for some warmer weather to come out. 

looks tiny but the body was the size of a dime

Well, while we were outside shivering in 2C/35F, which is unusually cold for this time of year here in Dade City as per the TV weatherman, we discovered a mole heap right next to our door!  What? This rascal had been busy overnight. Does he want to come in too to warm up? Maybe it’s too cold for all the critters. We shook our heads and went inside to warm up and to have breakfast. After eating and cleaning up we decided to drive today in a different direction on US-highway 98 to Lakeland to do a little sightseeing and to visit a few stores we were interested in. As we came outside again to drive off, there was Mr. Mole (we now call him Willi) happily shoveling more dirt up the hole. I’d never seen a mole before so I quickly snatched my camera. Should have taken a video of him working away totally ignoring me. Actually, I think he is cute. So this evening, just before sunset, I noticed Willi had produced three more mounts 
:( (

Willi at work

busy body or does he have help?

Everybody reading my blog already knows we like Aldi stores. Wouldn’t you know it there was an Aldi in Lakeland too? I assured Benno we don’t need anything but I went inside anyway. Of course I managed to fill half a shopping cart full of goodies for Christmas and other delicious foods.  Back home we spent most of the time indoors as it was only about 16C/60F outside but I took a few more pictures of the facilities here.  

This blog comes to you via the courtesy of our neighbours Eileen and Don from Manitoba, who just today signed up with Spectrum for wifi and TV resulting in 150 channels! They were so nice to give us their password for wifi so I don't have to jump into our truck in the evening to drive to the community centre to post my blog.

Hoping everyone had a good day as well and I appreciate all the visits and comments to my blog.