This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Thursday 22 July 2021

Has it really been that long?

You undoubtedly have noticed that I took a break from blogging. A whole month flew by and before you all forget me it is time to resume my postings. 


To start off I am announcing Benno and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary this Friday. We can’t believe that it has been 55 years since this photo was taken. Yes, that sounds like a lifetime to some and probably is, but the years went by so fast. There were many, many wonderful moments and happy occasions that we experienced together since then. The best part however is that we are still happily married and hope to spend many more great years together.


We were so young then

Of course travel is on our mind for this fall and winter. Probably just like most snowbirds we are hopeful that we might be able to cross the border to the USA this fall season, as it seems like a long time ago since our last trip. So should we make reservations or not? It seems strange that we cannot make our own decisions as to future travel plans and perhaps that will be the case for some time, hopefully it will be over soon!!

Tigridia, or Shell Flowers are new in my garden this year

These come in white, pink, red and yellow

Last month the flowers, shrubs and vegetables in my garden grew tremendously. They doubled, tripled and grew outrageously large. I am glad I only purchased two small plants of the cherry tomatoes as they are producing more tomatoes than we can consume daily, I should go into the tomato business. Benno says “Hell no!” Peppers and zucchini are doing really well also. The small type cucumbers are not so much, although I have harvested a couple of good sized ones. With all the rain we were blessed with and the high temperatures it felt like living in a greenhouse and it only took a few minutes outside for me to start to get sticky. Nevertheless I do enjoy the outdoors and even the chore of mowing the grass so often now because it is growing like crazy, I do without complaining.


As the tomatoes grew the back support fell over
so had to now tie them to the wall

Thankfully the peppers keep in the fridge for a while

We eat tomatoes every day but more keep coming

Some flowers are now hidden as they compete for space

My sister gifted us a little silver fir tree for which we chose a nice little spot next to the new berm where Benno dug out a hole into which we planted it. Hopefully it will thrive there. All in all, we have kept busy for the past weeks. With most big projects around the house and garden behind us, we decided that we really didn’t need our utility trailer anymore. It was just parked collecting cobwebs. We took some photos, placed an ad in the local Marketplace, which is run through Facebook, and that resulted in 18 inquiries. Two hours after posting the ad, our trailer left our property with a new owner. That quick!


There is that little tree with room to grow

Before we could change our mind, the trailer was gone

On another subject, our Imagine, Grand Design travel trailer has a safety recall for the propane regulator and we are advised that it could fail. If this happens, high-pressure propane could reach the appliances. Not good and we should not use any propane until this is fixed. We are waiting for the part to be shipped so we can take the trailer to the dealer. Maybe this is going to be our Summer Trip, haha!


The recalled regulator

With lots more warm or hot summer days in the forecast I will be busy outside but promise to keep you in the loop of our activities. I hope you are all enjoying the summer as well and thanks for dropping by.