This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Saturday 30 March 2024

Travel Update

 Hi everyone, day two of our travel route back to Canada. Presently we are parked at the AOK RV Park in Amarillo, Texas, Exit 80 on Hwy40. The weather is beautiful and we are having the door open. We lost yet another hour when we crossed the state line, and it is still sunny at 6 o Clock.

Driving through New Mexico

So a bit of a recap which I had meant to post yesterday, and I explain why I didn’t.

About two hours out after we left yesterday our RV park in Arizona, and driving at 55 mph on I-10, which by the way has a terrible patched up right lane, there was an incredible loud bang and we knew we had a tire problem. The rear right tire of our travel trailer had exploded, and bits and pieces of rubber were flying off. We made it to a wider shoulder right after a merging side road to assess and see what we could do. The explosion had damaged the upper side panel and much more underneath the trailer. Benno dismantled that piece and set to work to get that damaged tire off and to put the spare on. I don’t need to detail all that as you probably all have changed tires before. 

The spare tire

I took lots of photos! The transport truck traffic was very heavy and they kept on flying by at 75mph. When we were done with the job, but could not bring the spare to the 80psi as it is marked on the trailer, because our compressor only came up to 60psi, we drove on. It was not far to the New Mexico border where we went into a Pilot truck station and there we were able to fill the spare tire to the proper psi. 

Crossing into New Mexico we lost an hour in addition to the time we had spent changing the tire, so a short driving day.

Heat outlet under a cabinet by the door

That is where the heat outlet is located

In the evening we pulled into a Lowe’s parking lot in Alamogordo, NM where we spent the night.

After we had settled in and had dinner, I was downloading 45 photos that I had taken yesterday and planned on using some of them for my post. Something went wrong and I think I deleted the photos before they were all downloaded. Short story short, ALL photos were lost! I was then too upset to post anything without a single photo. 

Today was much better with no incidents and we took our time on the highway 70 direction Roswell, but didn’t go there to see the aliens, then onto 60 and to 40 through some nice scenery and some kind of boring, flat land. At Bovina and Hereford I took some photos of the thousands of cattle along the road waiting to be transferred. Good thing they do not know where to. There were lots of very long trains running parallel to the highway to keep us entertained.

A couple lookouts waiting for the transport

Hopefully the rest of our homebound trip will be uneventful. If I can post, I will, otherwise it will be from home.

Our site at the AOK RV Park in Amarillo

Take care everyone and thanks for dropping in.

Thursday 28 March 2024

Such nice weather, but we are heading home

This past week we did not do much except for the usual shopping, laundry, cleaning and hiding from the rain until the sun showed up again.

I have still a collection of photos that I took during our stay here in the winter that I didn’t post. Perhaps they will find their way into my blog in a while. However, this morning the Farmers Market in Sierra Vista was on again while we were in town. During my stroll through the stalls several things I found quite interesting and I took photos for you to enjoy as well.

This fella gave me a demonstration on the various Steel Tongue Drums

Very unique pens, all very nice and they do not shoot! but not my price range

Month end is upon us and we have decided to head out tomorrow morning on our trek home. The route will be Roswell, Amarillo, Oklahoma, Joplin, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Detroit + 40 miles to home in Canada. How long we will be on the road, we don’t know yet. I cannot promise to post from underway, but  perhaps it will happen. If not, you’ll hear from me when we are home.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and thanks for dropping in.

Saturday 23 March 2024

Part 2, From Chiricahua National Monument along the Pinery Canyon Trail to Paradise and beyond.

For me, it was an epic trip crossing the Chiricahua Mountain Range along the Pinery Canyon Trail and over the Onion Peak Pass. So to speak the icing on the cake in excitement and views for a while for sure.

Coming out of the Chiricahua National Monument on the paved road and making a left turn into the sandy Pinery Canyon Road, also named Forest Rd 42, you are back in ranch country with cattle guard and herds of cattle. You have to slow down to 15 to 25 mile speed, otherwise your truck chocks will not like the punishment.

We were passing 2 ranches and after about 3 miles the scenery changed into forest. Almost unnoticed the first couple of deers came into view and a flock of wild turkeys a bit later. This area is as well boondocking material and poking through the trees we spotted RV Trailers, Truck Campers and pitched tents with hammocks strung between the trees. Even the Forest Management had a good looking pad with a Camping Trailer set up. 

Driving along we passed a guy in crocs and swim trunks with a towel slung over his shoulder. We speculated where he was coming from or going to and found it odd. I looked at the wash beside the trail and it was dry. Well, a couple hundred yards further we came across a few cattle under the trees grouping around a water trough and I think we had our answer, although of course, who knows, but it made us laugh.

Along this trail through the mountains I just had to get out of the truck lots of times and take photos which never really capture what my eyes see, but I tried anyway. I can understand that people like to dry camp in this area and just enjoy nature. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast taking the many twists and turns, up and down the trail. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. So I will post photos that might capture what I saw.

We chose the Forest Road 42 over the 42D, because Benno wanted to see the little town of Paradise which turned out to be just a cluster of houses and a cemetery. Kelly and Al Bossence from “Travel with the Bayfield Bunch” were here 15 years ago and had done the same trip. You should read their blog entry of that day HERE. It was Kelly, who triggered our curiosity to do this trip. Thank you Kelly!

Next to the truck the road has cracked up and is falling into the canyon

Also back home I found on the Internet some description of this trail we had just taken and that gives you a good idea what we experienced. That link is HERE.

Paradise Cemetery

From Paradise we turned right into a road that lead to Portal after talking to a Forest Ranger for direction. In Portal the sandy trail changed into a paved road. It was getting late and we had another point of interest in town of Rodeo on our plate, so we could not explore Portal and put the pedal down and chased the Portal Road East, crossing the state border Arizona-New Mexico. At the intersection to Hwy 80 was the Chiricahua Desert Museum, but to our dismay it was almost closing time, so we only took some photos on the outside.

Although disappointed, we then decided to have a peek and drive by John McAfee’s former Ultralight Aircraft place that was just a few miles further. Most of you know McAfee Security Program for computers or Antivirus Protection. That guy was a flamboyant person, two-time presidential candidate, playboy and who knows what. This business adventure in Rodeo with ultralight airplanes came to an end when one of his clients smacked the ultralight aircraft he was flying into a canyon wall that he did not survive. A blog post from Bloggers Odel and Laurie about McAfee is HERE.

Previous McAfee complex with greenhouse

Now called Sky Gypsy Cafe

The white buildings are two of four hangars with landing strip in rear

We then headed home via Hwy 80 and I-10 after a long day. I hope you enjoyed this trip with me.

Thanks for dropping by.