This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Sunday 23 February 2020

When the photographer is being photographed

Blue Jay RV & MH Resort, Dade City, Florida

We’ve had some fun this afternoon with the drone. Today was another beautiful day with warm temps in the lower 80ths accompanied with hardly any wind and that makes it an ideal condition to fly the drone. Benno has had several practices over the past weeks flying his drone at high winds just to find out how to handle it at those situations and he is getting better and better at it. So while he was out on the grassy fields in the neighborhood practicing with the drone, I took both dogs for a walk to the same area. We stayed by the country road as I found the grass in the field too tall for a comfortable walk and who knows what crawls around in it. Benno spotted us arriving via the drone from quite a distance and soon I heard the unmistakable humming sound from this little machine above us.  This was something new for Elsa and Reggy as they had not seen the drone in flight motion before and they were not sure what to make out of it. I had brought my little Lumix camera along and tried to take a picture of the drone as it hovered in front of us meanwhile attempting to keep both dogs motionless on the leash. Unbeknown to me, Benno took a picture via drone of me standing there with the dogs. We were quite the distance apart and had no way of communicating with other. Our walky-talkies would have come in handy had we brought them though.

I am taking a picture of the drone
and this is the picture that the drone took of me
Elsa is looking at the drone hovering right in front of her

Benno is looking at where the drone is going
but the drone is taking a picture of him

The drone is taking a picture of Benno
and he is looking at himself

This is the picture the drone took of me

A zoom picture of Benno's location from me

The real distance where Benno is parked (middle of picture)

This is not a leaf, it's a cow from the view of the drone ;-)

Our stay here in the RV Park is coming to an end in a week when we will move on. This winter we did not have an opportunity to hike, or see beautiful mountains, but we were blessed with many very nice days. Had I been sun tanning all those sunny and hot days, my skin would be dark brown by now. Shopping was good here as well as Zephyrhills is a vibrant little town and so is Lakeland where the Aldi store is located. We had never been to this area before in our travels, but liked it here very much. There are certainly a lot of RV and Mobile Home parks in this part of the country, so other snowbirds like it here too.

A lazy afternoon in front of the travel trailer

Hoping everyone has had a good time these past weeks and I will post our new location once we get to it. Presently, I do not know exactly where we will end up, but I’m hopeful it will be a good place.

Stay tuned everyone and thanks for checking in again.

Sunday 2 February 2020

Glad to be back but the weather could be warmer

Blue Jay RV & MH Resort, Dade City Florida

Hello everyone!
It is so wonderful to be back home even though it is only our temporary home for the winter. Benno was waiting with the doxies at the the Tampa International Airport cellphone lot and picked me up after I had called him 04.30 PM on his cell to get me at the arrival exit. This airport has a designated cell phone notification car waiting lot with large display panels showing the arriving planes and when the baggage of each arrival flight is being processed. After my 10 and a half hour flight from Frankfurt Germany, my pre flight from Hamburg to Frankfurt and two-hour drive in my rental car at 5 a.m. in darkness and pouring rain to the airport, I was tired and could hardly wait to fall into Benno’s arms. Two little doggies wagged their tails inside the truck as I got in and Benno whisked us away into the rush hour traffic of Tampa.

Tired but so happy to be back

Meanwhile here at the park we got some new neighbors occupying the spot next to us and another new RV one site over. The spot behind us is still empty and the folks next to that space left yesterday for a campground in the Florida Keys. An older type park model was torn down during my absence the next street over and the two new halves of a brand new park model still sit at the same spot as they were before I left waiting to be moved into place. There are always comings and goings at RV Parks and the longer you stay at the same spot, the more you find out about the residents. It is a nice and quiet community here and I find everyone very friendly. 

Apparently there were some windless days here while I was in Germany and Benno used those to get some practice in with his drone. I can tell he enjoys flying it and he showed me some of the moves. I realize it is easier to watch than to control this little machine, that’s for sure.

The weather in Germany was typical for this time of year and area we were at. Most days or I believe 98% of our stay we had an overcast sky with occasional rain or drizzle around 3-6 deg. C/37-42F, so just above freezing and in that part of the world at 6 p.m. it is already pitch dark outside. However, apart from the weather, our accommodations were wonderful. We had rented a vacation flat, fully furnished. It was on the first floor of a beautiful home with a balcony accessible from both of our rooms overlooking a nicely landscaped garden. The owners lived downstairs. My sister and I had each our own bedroom and own living room. We shared a fully equipped kitchen; separate dining area and a spacious bathroom with two sinks. There was nothing we missed or could have asked for and it made our stay a pleasant experience however sad the occasion.

My rental car with a glass roof

Our balcony but a bit cool to sit outside

A tribute to our Mom, may she rest in peace

After unpacking, taking inventory of the almost bare refrigerator before going shopping, one of my first chores was to try and revive the two flowering plants I had pampered and nourished before I left. Somehow they didn’t fare so good in my absence, but I am sure it must have had something to do with the weather. I am now trying to relax; knowing that our Mom is at peace and so are we.

I think the flowers will survive

Thanks for following my blog and lets see what we are going to do next.