This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Monday 6 June 2022

I skipped May

Yes, we are still alive and well in case anyone wondered what happened. The truth is we immersed ourselves with all kinds of jobs and chores around the house, garden and boat. At the end of every day I managed to produce dinner and then collapsed being too kaput to even think about writing a blog.

After a wet start to spring things have dried up and we’ve been hoping for some rain for some time now. It seems the systems mostly bypass us to the north or south so I’ve been carrying the water cans and garden hose around the yard but still had to mow the lawn every week. Last Saturday I harvested the first zucchini from my garden that was planted a couple of weeks ago. The tomatoes and pepper plants will take a while yet to produce veggies of course.


Now that we have a functioning deck (yup, I sanded and stained it again) and the new gazebo up, we enjoyed several meals outside on windless and sunny days that were really pleasant. Hopefully we get many more occasions like that this summer. 


Benno’s boat hobby work is ongoing and on occasion it required trips for material or equipment he needed and my presence was requested and appreciated, so that took me away from my own work. But hey, we help each other out all the time. By the way, we are still waiting for the spring delivery of the elusive engine for the boat. The company in England gets not enough of this particular four cylinder engine from Kubota Japan because of the heavy demand on this type of motor which is fitted all over our planet into construction equipment or what you may call it. Hopefully the delivery materializes soon.  


From time to time we have raccoons roaming about during the night, which requires me to take in one of the hummingbird feeders, or the rascal will help himself to the sugar water. However, this fella appeared to be very sick that hung around our place and the neighborhood in the morning. It had a large wound on its neck and would not eat any of my food offerings. It got captured and was transported away by the dogcatcher. 


On one of my walks with our dogs along the shoreline I noticed three goldfish in the shallow water in the runoff of Lake Erie. That was the first time for me to see those here in our area and I had to use my cellphone to take these photos. And then this morning as I was weeding one of my berms, this cute little guy poked its head out. I almost didn’t see him. 

So with the exception of grass cutting, trimming, watering of shrubs, flowers and vegetable plants the work outside should ease up for me and I am looking forward to more relaxed days this summer. Stay with me and I will see if anything interesting will be happening in my world. Thanks for dropping by!