This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Friday 24 May 2024

No need for a snowblower right now

Well, this month has been great so far and we have been super busy. My complaint about the rain must have been heard, because we have been blessed with sunshine and really nice temperatures thereafter. Of course the pesky small fish or May flies came out, but other than leaving a tiny green smudge wherever they landed, they are harmless, don’t sting and die off a couple of days later. We don’t have black flies down here in southern Ontario and I have not seen many mosquitoes, so we can sit out on our deck in the afternoons enjoying the weather.

Poppies starting to bloom

The lawn cutting kept me occupied more than I wanted, but the grass has slowed down growing this last week. While cutting I came across a bunch of dried clippings piled on the lawn. Upon investigation and a peak underneath, I saw it was a rabbit nest doug out into a slope just as I suspected. Only two little bunnies were snuggled inside. I left it alone and cut around it. Late at night we saw mama Rabbit come to the nest to nurse her offspring.

Rabbit Nest

A couple of little bunnies

I checked daily to make sure they were tended to. One morning about three weeks later the nest was empty but, huddled underneath my (Veronica Whitewater flowering bush) sat one little frightened bunny. It was also there the next morning. Since then there have been no sightings of any rabbits.

I am too frightened to come out

Again as in previous years I have planted a few veggies into pots and placed them along the back wall of the garage. They get full sun there and are a bit protected from rain. Hopefully they will produce a good harvest. As to the perennials, I have to wait a bit longer for them to show their flowers, but annuals are doing fine.

A gift from my sis

On Mother’s Day my sister thought it would be a good idea to spend it together so she and her husband came for a visit. We both baked cakes that you cannot purchase anywhere here to share and I got gifted a handmade stepping stone that my sister made with inlayed stained glass in the form of a turtle. She is so talented and you should see her other creations!

Plum butter twist coffee cake from my sis

Haselnut Marzipan Torte

Salmon Wellington dinner

And finally, Benno has been busy too. He fixed the damage on our travel trailer that we received when the tire exploded. I made him take my John Deere lawnmower apart to have the blades sharpened and to adjust the steering. Of course he is busy with the boat also but for all those projects he has going I will add them to another blog post as they need explaining. 

Not an easy fix, but he did it

Can't see a diddle thing now

Wishing everyone a nice and relaxing weekend. Thanks for dropping in.

Sunday 5 May 2024

Small accomplishment

Another week flew by before we knew it. Thankfully it did not rain as much as predicted but enough to make the ground very soggy. Every step towards Benno’s shed and the boat was squishy squashy and I had to wear my rubber boots all week to keep my socks dry. Benno almost had to wear his diving gear to get to the boat. HaHa! I wasn’t sure if and when I could cut the grass again as it grew like crazy. Yesterday, Saturday, I trimmed the worst and longest and then finally cut with the John Deere. Benno helped and pushed the Husqvarna but got stuck a few times even with the blade raised. Well, I show you the two bags of cuttings I raked up afterwards. They weigh a ton!

We made a trip to Home Depot in Windsor to purchase another set of LED shop lights for the garage. The additional lighting sure helps when Benno has to do the lumber cutting inside. He cut the mahogany wood to make a cabinet door frame with a slot to hold an insert to blend in with the bathroom paneling. We had decided to use the same material for the insert as the wall panels and glue two pieces together so the inside of the door looks like the outside. 

The drying time for the epoxy glue used in the frame is a day, then the insert goes in and another day of drying for the top part. Also the varnishing for each side took a day between drying. We realized we should have looked for the hinges, door knob and locking mechanism while we were in Windsor, so had to make another trip, this time to Lee Valley Tools where we found what we needed.

After installing the door Benno cut another small piece of wood for the angled gap above the door. (There are so many angles and odd shapes in the boat, but he has to work with what we have.) In the end, I think it looks pretty good and is functional and much better than what it was when we got the boat. So now he can concentrate on other areas in the boat while we are waiting for some parts from Amazon.

My garden is waking up and it’s exciting to see what has survived our last winter with the yo-yo temperatures. My two Purpleleaf Sand Cherry trees at the corner berms are in full bloom. They seem to be happy about all that rain.

So that is it for my little update for today. Thanks for dropping in.