This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Sunday 24 December 2023

Merry Christmas Everyone

So the big day is upon us again. Benno and I wish all our family, friends and blog readers a joyful Christmas! This year with the absence of snow and mild temperatures in our area it feels more like springtime. We like it as it means no salt or slush on the roads to mess up the truck. As you might have speculated, our departure for the trip out west is imminent. We are looking at the weather forecasts in the various states we are traveling through to see if there are conditions we have to be concerned about, but are fairly optimistic so far. So hopefully all will be well.

These past few weeks since my last update Benno used the days when the weather was mild enough to work on the boat. Lots of trim work that is time consuming was done as well as some wall paneling. The odd shapes required templates before cutting, so progress was a bit slower. A Corian counter top for the bathroom vanity (head compartment in nautical terms) got installed. We purchased that from “Designer Countertops” in town where also my kitchen countertops came from and tops for two previous travel trailers. We had a ceramic vessel (sink) for the bathroom ordered, but it didn’t look like the picture of the advertisement, so we returned it. This has to wait now until we are back home.

And yes, Benno got his hearing aids and he is happy with them. He just has to remember to put them in :-) The fitting and fine tuning for hearing aids is quite a process. Something like getting glasses made just for you.

Oh, not to forget our two rascals that got their wiener sausage treat to celebrate Reggies birthday 10 days ago. Elsa’s is in January so we will do it all again.

We are wishing everyone a wonderful holiday time in good health and a Happy New Year!