This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Monday 7 August 2023

A worthwhile trip

 Last week Benno, the dogs, and I took another trip across the border to the US. We have a mailing address in Detroit at a warehouse called “MyDetroitAddress” it comes in handy for purchases when the seller is shipping free of charge within the USA. If the goods were sent to Canada like with UPS, shipping, a customs broker charge and taxes would make those goods a lot more expensive for us than crossing the border and bringing them over ourselves, even if we had to pay taxes at the border. However, we are allowed $200/per person of tax free goods per trip, so most of our day trips do not involve us paying taxes.

On this last trip across to Detroit we combined that with a visit to the "Bontrager's Surplus" warehouse in White Pigeon, Michigan. Refitting a boat has similarities to a RV. Both use tanks for water/waste, have stoves/ovens/fridges made for travel and are outfitted for 12Volt systems etc. So there are items in a RV that can be used in a boat as well. 

Wow were we surprised. This surplus warehouse was filled with RV items from top to bottom. They are surplus, so not used but probably leftover materials from the manufacturing of previous RV models and the ticket prices of the goods were kind of 75% less than if you were going to order them from a RV dealer. 

Benno had been looking for some panelling material and there were several choices we could pick from. Our choice were three 4x8' AZDEL panels with decorative Polypropylene fused onto Fiberglass. These are inside wall panelings with no paper covering, but plastic, which most /RV models now have. We figured they are also perfect for a boat. Also we found a holding tank just the size we wanted and to top it off, they had the Furrion three burner gas cooktop with the foldable glass top at such a bargain price that it had to come home with us. In our Grand Design Imagine RV we have the Furrion propane oven and I have been happy with the three-burner top. However, the oven is too small for my liking and in the boat I will have an electric combo that is an Air-Fryer/Convection Microwave unit. 

So, if any of you RVers need anything for your rig, go there and see what they have. Even better bring your RV along for the exchange/addition of the things you need and for the Canadians if you stay a week you got $800/per person of tax free goods to bring home with you. Btw, they also ship. Following are some photos I took so you can judge for yourselves. 

Although it was an all day excursion for us, we spent quite a bit of time inside that warehouse and I am sure it was not the last time we went there. Thanks for dropping in again and following the refit of the Albatross trawler.