This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Tuesday 13 September 2022


Finally we have removed the heavy-duty metal gantry that helped us to lift out the old engine and drop in the new engine into its engine compartment. That means the new Beta 38 engine is now permanently installed. Everything is brand spanking new down there and looking good. There was some more painting involved and of course all the connecting tasks etc. 

A before photo of the old engine and a photo of the new engine in the compartment will speak volumes, I think.


For all of the non-boater readers out there that are not familiar with boatbuilding, you must be wondering why it took so long to come to this point. There are a lot of little pieces to complete this puzzle. There are numerous brass hose barb fittings, and nipples, street elbows, lag screws, electrical wires, various screws and so many more items needed to hook up and connect the pumps, tanks, batteries, new muffler system and more. And, none of these things are at our fingertips which means they have to be ordered, shipped or picked up in Windsor, or surrounding towns.


The pre cut, drilled and deburred metal brackets, flat bar, angle pieces and other items were powder coated by Chris from County Coating in Merlin, Ont. and we were really pleased with the job. The last bunch we had powder coated had 28 pieces. I counted them to make sure we had all of them back in the bin. I’m sure it was a joy for Benno to install them one by one as the compartment all of a sudden looked so much more finished.


There are more wires to run throughout the rebuilding process and the channels located on top of the engine compartment will hold them neatly. When all wires are in, the holes will be covered with small powder coated plates as well.


So Benno is moving on to other tasks on the boat and I will post more photos of the coming jobs.


And in case you are asking, yes, the fence was fixed. However, the work was a little more than just replacing what was broken. By hand Benno dug out and around the broken posts. They were quite deep, so a big hole. We purchased new 4x4 posts and some fence boards. The new posts were surrounded with concrete post mix and for good measure we added some quick concrete to the old still standing ones as well.

It was decided to lower the replacement fence and also the other two end sections to 4-1/2 feet for more stability should we get another storm blowing through. The new fence also is built a little different with the fence boards offset to both sides. It looks good now, don’t you think?


Today I noticed some critters in my garden and before they could move on I took some photos. Those will be in my next post.


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Thursday 1 September 2022

Extra work we hadn’t counted on doing

Well, we knew we were in for some rain last Monday evening as it was in the forecast. Actually, there had been some showers the night before but nothing much so to speak of. I had just cleared away our dinner dishes when Benno called me to come outside. Immediately I knew why as I saw the pitch-black sky to the Northwest. A storm was imminent and we heard the wind howling and whistling as it started blowing like crazy, and we guess it must have been at least somewhere at 100 miles per hour. First my big, 2 feet tall flowerpots took off landing several feet away on the lawn joining ripped off branches and leaves from trees from the neighborhood. Within seconds all hell had broken loose and during the downpour we grabbed what we could.


The travel trailer had been pulled back into position

Our concern was the travel trailer as the storm was so powerful that the trailer was almost pushed off the front stand. It is parked on the concrete driveway and took the full brunt of the wind as it moved a foot. The ground next to it is much lower toward the property fence. Benno installed the towing hitch to our pickup truck in record time, turned the truck around and then hooked it up to the trailer all while it poured by the bucket full and pulled the trailer back. I was busy picking up things that had become airborne. By the time the travel trailer was secure, Benno was soaked and the wind had eased up.


We couldn't believe the damage

To our dismay we discovered that three sections of our perfectly good wooden fence were lying on the ground. The wind had been so forceful blowing over the cornfield that it had snapped off two of the 4x4 posts at ground level and ripping the panels off the sides. 


Just imagine the force of wind to break those posts

Later on I found a vent cover from our boat’s shrink-wrap cover two properties over in the grass where it had landed after it was blown out. So, cleanup is done, but the fence will take some time to repair. 


Benno took the fence apart to be reinstalled with new posts

 I am sure that the tomato farmers were scrambling as well to get the harvest into their trailers and to the processing plants before they were all rained out. The sun is out again and there are still plenty of tomatoes on the fields.


There are trailers heaped with tomatoes all over town

This trailer is waiting for unloading at the Weil's processing plant

This "oops" was parked just about half a mile before the processing plant

As to Benno’s ongoing work-hobby, we are waiting for the powder-coated pieces to be reinstalled. But here are a few photos of the engine compartment as it is right now. Soon, we hope, this part of the boat will be completed, so stay tuned.


Here is a peak into the engine compartment

Grouping of diesel fuel polishing pump, filter & engine supply filter

Carter P4601HP Electric Vane Fuel Pump 100gal/hr
that will pump cleaned diesel fuel into the day tank

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