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Friday 29 June 2018

Benno’s Man Cave update

Since I (Benno) had moved all my tools and little machines into the late, last year delivered, and from Marlene and me finished Amish shed, I became a happy trooper enjoying whenever I could my little shop. (See last year 16. Dec. 2017 post here). Slowly over time I customized this little workshop with a couple of shelves, shop chair and other technical toys.

Here is a recap of last year’s shed- workshop pictures, while I prepared the ground for the arrival of the Amish shed, fixed it up and moved into the shed that became my little workshop.

Drilling holes for the posts

Posts for pad frame are set

Mounting 2x8 planks to frame the pad    

Finished gravel pad waiting for the arrival of the Amish shed

Amish shed is being delivered 

Working on the inside, wiring, insulation, wall and ceiling paneling and vinyl flooring, 
all done by us M+B Unlimited or Very Limited. 
M+B stands for Marlene + Benno!

On moving day I used the ceiling eyelet for the chain hoist

The chain hoist can lift 1/4 ton and the ceiling eyelet can hold 1300 lbs. and did I ever use the eyelet and the hoist! Last year while moving into the shed I used the hoist to lift my lathe (166 Ibs.) onto the lathe cabinet. A few weeks ago when that lathe was sold the hoist did its magic again in lowering the lathe from the cabinet onto a moving dolly, when the buyer picked up the lathe. The newer lathe (360 Ibs.) got lifted up with the hoist too and the other day the hoist was used again to lift the bench top milling machine (285 Ibs.) up as well.

In the meantime, since last year, the little shop got more equipment, as you will notice in the pictures. Below are the updated pictures, including the new lathe, a step up from the smaller lathe, which I had posted on Kijiji for sale and it sold in less than 24 hrs. The new lathe is bigger and additionally to the longitudinal-feed it has a cross-feed, which I really like and missed on the other lathe. To top up the last father’s day present (lathe), the new lathe now got a companion in form of a bench top milling machine that we just picked up in Pittsburgh a few days ago. Now I am a happy camper so to speak. I can watch the soccer world cup from the shop TV while drilling a few holes at the same time J

Her a picture of my pride who helped me to make it happen

The new workshop in the corner of our property

When you open the entrance door, this is what you see

Workbench from Cosco, but the 5 inch Rekord Vise was purchased at RONA, Leamington

A small bench style hydraulic press from the famous Canadian Tire Store
below it you see the newer style very quiet 6 gal. air compressor called Californian Air
The nice looking press table frame was made up by Paul Klingenschmitt, an in the neighbourhood living metal craft artist.

A tool cabinet with mounted drill press and tool grinder

View of rear wall

The TV came with our travel trailer and serves us during winter travel
in the trailer's bedroom and here during the summer in the workshop

The new bench top milling machine

The mounted bench top mill on its cabinet

View of the left wall with bench top milling machine, storage cabinet and new lathe

Bench top lathe purchased at Busy Bee in London, Ont. this Father's Day

Lathe is mounted on a cabinet from Canadian Tire's Workshop collection
please note the grey cutting tool shelf just above the lathe is my own fabrication

View toward the shed's entrance door

Amazing that all this equipment fit into a 9x12 ft Amish shed, isn't it? In Germany they would call it "Raumwunder."

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Coast Guard Vessel Rollover

What happened here since the last update? Not much but today was the rollover test of the by Leamington’s Hike Metal Canadian built Coast Guard vessel as announced in my previous post. Rains had stopped around 10:30 but it stayed overcast all day. The newspaper article stated the test to be conducted at 1 p.m. at the Leamington Marina. Benno and I were at the Leamington lakefront promenade next to the marina at 11 a.m. with our dogs to find out where exactly this Coast Guard boat and the extra equipment would be situated.
You could not miss the huge crane at the end of the pier from where the Peele Island Ferry leaves. However, there is no pedestrian entrance to that area. The only viewing point was the promenade from the marina to the ferry and that is where we, including a bunch of onlookers, shipyard workers and Government types hung around.

Because of the distance, I had to mount on my Canon EOS camera the big tele lens and to try my best to get some decent shots of the action.  At about 12:30 we noticed some activity at the crane and workers getting busy around the vessel as well the standby tugboat moved into a safe distance, so we sat down on the stone ledge of the flower gardens to observe the happenings.

At 12:35 p.m. and without much fanfare the Coast Guard vessel was untied from its mooring lines and slowly being pulled from the dock away by the crane’s cable and  as the crane operator applied some power the vessel started to roll in slow motion on its side as we watched her being further and further rolled with the help of the slings from the crane. Then when she was totally upside down it only took a few more seconds and she rolled with a big plash around on her own into a normal level position as the slings released. It was over before we knew it. The whole thing from start to finish took 9 minutes.  Now it was up to the standby tugboat to get her and bring her back to the dock.

If you look closely at my pictures you will notice a drone to the left of the pictures. I guess that viewpoint would have been the best and I am looking forward to tonight’s Windsor TV news to see if they will broadcast a clip of the rollover from a closer distance. 

You can be sure the Canadian Coast Guard is getting a fine new and safe patrol vessel built right here in Leamington, Canada and I hope you liked the little show as much as we did. Although a short event, most likely there won't be another one like this again and we appreciate that the public had a chance to observe this test. 

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Coast Guard Vessel Rollover Test

Only minutes from our house is the Wheatley Fishing Harbor. Adjacent where the fishing vessels are tied up at the basin is the company “Hike Metal” who has a contract to build 6 of the new design Coast Guard rescue vessels for the Canadian Government. Sometimes we walk our two dachshunds along the shore and end up at the launching ramp where we usually turn around on our walk to go back home. There are always interesting boats and ships to look at that location. Just a few days ago Benno took a few pictures of the second of their almost finished Coast Guard boats they built here and this will end up when delivered with the Coast Guard in Vancouver. An interesting article I found in today’s “Southpoint  Sun Journal” caught my eye; you may want to read this.  

Number 2 built vessel being prepared for rollover test
notice the mast is not mounted

Next Wednesday, June 20th, at approximately 1 p.m., there will be a test conducted in town at the Leamington Marina where one of those Coast Guard vessels will be intentionally rolled over to test its ability to self right it. This might be a unique opportunity to witness such an event. (God forbid should you ever experience such an incident in one of those vessels yourself)  I have included the link to the newspaper article "here"  for you to read it in its entirety. So if interested, come on out to view the spectacle.

Number 1 built vessel has already being put into service
in Halifax since Fall 2017

I’ve not mentioned this before in this blog, but back in September of 1983, we received the assistance from an English Life Boat, the equivalent to the Coast Guard Boat on our approach to the coast.  It was after our crossing of the Atlantic from Florida in our 37foot sailboat. As we were approaching England, we got caught in a storm. It was a pretty bad storm and the waves reached such heights so close to the mainland that steering had become difficult. To put it in perspective, the storm was registered as a force 10, gusting 11. (A hurricane is a force 12.) Our landfall was supposed to be the harbor of Plymouth and as we neared it we heard on the VHF Radio that the harbor was closed to all ship’s traffic because the breakwater was under water. We were on a direct course and had already passed the harbor of Falmouth. That meant that we were now in a predicament because we could not turn the sailboat around and power our sailboat into the waves to go back in that kind of weather. The small 3-cylinder diesel was no match for these kind of waves. Our call to the Coast Guard what our options were was answered that we could keep going on sailing to Poole Harbor (in that kind of stormy weather not something we really wanted to do) or, the Life Boat could come out and tow us back into the waves toward Falmouth harbor, which we gladly accepted. Later in the week we toured that Life Boat that towed us in (which is alike to the by Hike Metal build Rescue boats) and were told that it could turtle without any problem but I would NOT want to be in it when or if it did!

The Elizabeth Ann that came out to tow us in

By the way, while eating a take-out dinner of delicious English Fish and Chips that were wrapped typically in newspaper we noticed a write up of our tow and it was reported in every newspaper in the Falmouth area, but there were also some articles of other vessels that were caught in the storm and they and their crew did not make out that well with tragic outcomes.  So we have a great respect and appreciation for the Coast Guard crews operating these vessels in severe weather everywhere.

Thanks for dropping in again. I'm making progress with my eyes but not quite there yet. Stay tuned...

Friday 1 June 2018

The dilemma when you can’t see properly

My absence from the blog postings must have been noticed by now. It is not that I didn’t want to write a post or to comment on some of the blogs we follow. The reason is simply that I had been handicapped of sorts. For quite some time my eyes have been troubling me and my eyesight had become worse to the point that the cataract in my eyes had become so advanced that even with glasses I had trouble reading and couldn’t for any lengths of time and had given up reading books altogether. I should have had the surgery to correct this problem last winter, but my trip to Europe in November and then later on down to Alabama put a hold on that. This spring I had made another appointment with my optometrist in Leamington and I was put on a waiting list to see the ophthalmic physician who would do the surgery in Windsor. Dr. Emara, the surgeon, has a good reputation and seems to be very busy. When I finally got to see him he said to me that I won the “price” that day as my eyes were the worst he’d seen and I was put on a cancelation list to have the cataract surgery done as soon as possible.  That day arrived on May 22ndand my right eye had the cataract removed and a clear lens inserted. My reaction afterwards was that Dr. Emara had switched on the lights for me. Wow! I cannot believe the difference in contrast, bright light and vibrant colors I now see.  However, only my right eye is that clear as my left eye is still blurry and will receive the same treatment this coming Tuesday in Windsor.

So since the surgery none of my previous eyeglasses will do me any good. My right eye is trying to adjust the blurry vision of my left eye and reading is still a problem at the moment. Thank goodness I can type blindfolded for the most part and don’t have to look for the letters on the keypad. Next week I will catch up on all the postings of our favorite bloggers to see what I have been missing.

Back home at dinner after the surgery

If you are wondering what we have been up to since my last blog post, Benno and I had been busy working in the garden. We wanted to create a pad next to the shed for our utility trailer or create another seating area, put a gravel walkway behind the shed and make a flowerbed next to the pad so the trailer or a get-together happy hour function will be a little bit concealed from view.

I knew I wasn’t supposed to lift heavy objects or bend down from the waist after surgery so we tried to finish up our little project beforehand. However, because the weather interfered again with some rain, the shoveling of the 5000 pounds of ¾ clear stone white from the trailer to the wheelbarrow and then onto the pad fell on Benno’s shoulders. Our lawn was still too soft to drive the heavy utility trailer with the topsoil, sand and stone mix, and then the clear stone white onto it without causing deep ruts in the grass. Most of the heavy loads were done by wheelbarrow from the driveway to the shed. It all looks so easy when done, but believe me, there was some heavy work involved and a lot of trips to get all the materials needed.

We are positioning the shrubs

Digging out the grass

Two loads of topsoil to be added

We planted the shrubs and put a border around

Flower bed is complete

Those shrubs and grasses will fill out over time

The utility trailer is not so obvious now

After applying a garden mat and a full load of sand and gravel
now comes the clear stone white

It is heavy work to shovel two trailer loads and even more heavier to carry it over to the pad

Voila! All done, nice trailer or barbecue pad.

On the subject of the mysterious disappearance of the syrup from the hummingbird feeder several nights in a row, our neighbors’ from two houses down the street found a family of raccoons living in their attic when they returned from their trip to Vancouver. Once $350 were spent to the Pest Control Company by the neighbour, those rascals were being relocated and our feeder has been intact since. I think the mystery has been solved. 

And just for fun, this little garden snake startled me when I was just about to put my ungloved hand into the shrubs.  He was probably as surprised as I was and tried to hide, but he had to peek through the leaves just in case.

Oops, I was just about to put my hand into the shrub

It's longer and bigger than I first thought


Thanks for dropping by everyone. Hope you are all having a great time now that we are entering into summer time. See you again shortly...