This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Wednesday 18 November 2020

No November blues but there is not much going on

It is already the middle of November and if it were a normal year we would be planning our trip south by now or perhaps we would already be underway. When I started this blog several years ago my intention was to capture our travels with pictures of our trips, destinations and interesting places we visited. Since this is not happening right now and most of my travels are done between our house and the grocery stores in town, how about I take you along my stroll along the Lakeshore Drive to the Hillman Marsh and to the end of our cul-de-sac street to the cornfield that has been harvested today. 


In previous posts I mentioned the location of our house to be near Lake Erie. Here are a couple of aerial views of our house showing the proximity to the lake taken about a month ago. There is a little public beach visible at the top left of the first photo and about the top middle of the next photo where kids like to play in the summertime and I find interesting pieces of driftwood. The town has just recently added a lot of large boulders at the corner of Fox Run Road and Lakeshore Drive next to the beach to prevent erosion from Northeasterly winds. 


Walking along Lakeshore Drive toward the Hillman Marsh I took these photos of the lake. 


These beach photos are of the public beach at the Hillman Marsh that is about a 15-minute walk from our house or half an hour if I take the dogs as we make frequent stops along the way!!


This aerial view was taken about a month ago of our house and the cornfield at the end of our street. The next aerial view Benno took today and you can see me standing patiently at the end of the road waiting to take pictures of the harvest that was in progress today. (Our aerial pictures are taken with a DJI Mavic Mini drone that Benno got last Christmas. You don’t need a pilot license to fly this drone because it weighs less than 250 grams. For anything above this weight class, a drone pilot license is required here in Canada to fly drones). The driver of the corn combine waved to me while he was passing with this huge machine. They are done with this field but a few others are still waiting to be harvested.

Most trees in our area have now shed their leaves and Benno and I have made a couple of trips to the local Leaf and Yard Depot site to drop off leaves from our property. We have a sweeper that we tow behind our John Deere lawn mower to gather the leaves and it is fairly easy but I had to use additional bags for the amount of leaves to add to the already full utility trailer to haul it all away to be composted.


In other news, our two Dachshunds were very sick for a few days and required a trip to the veterinarian to get shots and medication. I suspect, or I am almost certain, that the culprit of their diarrhea and vomiting were the dried chicken breast pieces I fed them as a treat and had purchased at Food Basic. After calling customer support I was told they were imported from China (but not posted on the bag and no complete barcode to show origin) I will not purchase those again. The good new is, they are now doing fine and today played a game of tug-of-war with Elsa’s squeaky toy that Reggy likes to snatch away from her.


Thanks for dropping by again.