This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Wednesday 10 July 2019

The Dog Days Of Summer

Actually, in China the dog days of summer start in a couple of days, on July 12ththis year and I take this phrase for the devastatingly hot and lazy summer days where dogs just lie around panting. As a matter of fact this phrase has many more meanings and originally meant the “Dog Star Sirius” and its position in the heavens, usually July or August.

So we lowered the temps of the thermostat in the house and look what happened.

Reggy must have been cold ;))

Since my last update when the pups were three weeks old, I have been pretty busy with them, the garden and overall with projects.  Mom in Germany needs our attention pretty well daily with phone calls alternating between my sister and me or both of us!

When our weather finally dried up I got to work on the deck, my yearly chore in the springtime which was this year a month behind. The sanding of the floorboards is a pain in the neck, or rather my back although I use a power sander and then the application of the wood stain to preserve and seal the boards. If anyone out there is considering building a deck, you might want to consider composite decking unless you want the wood to turn grey or black. Anyway, I got it done.

And then there were the issues with the zillions of fish flies or the May flies how they are called, sticking to the house, truck and anything else, additionally on top we got rained on with the keys of the Maple trees that landed on our property by the thousands and afterwards the cotton balls of the Cottonwood trees, not to forget the spiders and the birds. You got to love country living (we do LOL) or you go crazy here trying to keep the place clean!! 

We've had two sets of breeding birds in all our birdhouses this year

We are having a lot of fun with the puppies. They are really adorable and so playful. Of course they want us to keep them company which we do a lot, but after some activity of running and playing with each other and the toys, they do get tired after a while and so we get a break and let them nap in their box.  

Elsa is still lactating but I am trying to wean her off. It is hard because she still wants to feed and the pups want her milk as soon as they see her, so I have to keep her away from her pups.  Reggy is taking it all in stride and likes to visit his family but wants nothing to do with the feeding or cleaning up! 

Here are some pics of the gang. I feed them their kibble, special puppy food for Dachshund puppies from Royal Canin in a muffin pan. I find it easier to watch this way that everyone gets enough food as some have a bigger appetite than others and some are slow eaters while others are ravenously hungry. 

Begging their mom for some more milk

So before I forget, I am flying out to Germany again this Sunday. Yes, again! I will only stay a week and come back next week because the pups will be getting ready to be rehomed after 8 weeks of age. In September I will be flying out to Germany once more to help sell off and empty the contents of my Mom’s house. That will be a huge job! 

Hoping everyone is having a great summer and I will be posting one more set of the pups before they are all leaving us. Thanks for visiting.