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Friday 19 February 2016

More about our neighbourhood

Our neighborhood is fancy, I noticed this a while ago. Almost next-door are racehorses grazing and plenty of large and luxurious horse trailers are being pulled on the road to our campground. For a few days now I’ve been traipsing around our campground with my camera chasing all kinds of birds. Mostly they elude my viewfinder or they play hide and seek in the trees, so I looked for something else to photograph.

Right across the street from the Cliftwood RV Park is the Adena Golf and Country Club. It is a huge area bordered by a tall hedge with impressive gates and gatehouses.  There are great looking gates all over the area here in Ocala and I thought those made good objects to photograph.  At least they don’t get away from my viewfinder. :-)

After our morning shopping trip Benno and I took a little tour in the truck around our neighborhood in search of nice gates.  As I stood outside of the west entrance to the Adena Golf and Country Club clicking away on my camera, a golf cart pulled up next to me with two gentlemen in it. Thinking they must we wondering what I was doing, I explained my fascination with impressive gates.  “Well,” the man said, “Why don’t you and your husband follow me inside all the way to the clubhouse. I invite you to take as many pictures as you like and have a look around.  My name is John Reger, and I am the General Manager.”  He didn’t have to ask me again, of course we would come and so we slowly followed their golf cart through the winding paths all the way up. 

Once we were in the Adena clubhouse, a 40,000 sq. ft. impressive building with all kinds of amenities, Mr. Reger handed us his business card and led us to the upstairs very elegant dining room and out to the large balcony where the view overlooking this 18 hole quarry-lined golf course with waterfall and tennis courts took our breaths away. 

Mr. Reger explained that they were just returning from a visit with John Travolta, the movie star, who lives opposite the street in the gated community of the Jumbolair Estates.  We knew the Travolta's have their main residence here and we had driven by the gated community in hopes of getting a glimpse of one of his airplanes on the runway, but no luck in spotting anything exciting. 

Entrance to the Jumbolair Estate

  “So,” Mr. Reger asked, do you know  Frank Stronach? He’s a Canadian and the Adena course designer.”  Unfortunately we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Frank Stronach personally, but our Canadian readers know him as the founder of Magna Int’l, the automotive parts company and being famous for his thoroughbred horses, which won the Queen’s Plate. He also is the owner of several prominent horse racetracks in the USA.  Nevertheless, Mr. Reger said we could have lunch or dinner anytime at the Adena Club and that they served beef from their own all-natural, hormone-free, grass-fed beef cattle and to feel free to take as many pictures, as we wanted.  That just made our day!  Later I looked up the Adena Springs Ranch It is only 30,000 acres in size. That is thirty thousand!! acres also owned by Frank Stronach. (By the way, Frank Stronach and Arnold Schwarzenegger both come from the same neighbourhood of Graz in Austria. Amazing, isn't it?)

 Part of the Adena dining room

I took Google Map shots of our immediate area so you can see our campground, the Cliftwood RV Park in reference to the Adena Golf and Country Club and the Jumbolair Estates with Travolta’s house and some of his plains parked next to it.

The square in the middle is the Adena Golf and Country Club
and at the right bottom is the Cliftwood RV Park

The Cliftwood RV Park to the left bottom and
right top corner are the Jumbolair Estates with Travolta's property

The Travolta's property

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