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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

We have rushed home! Why?

Why on earth would we leave warm and sunny Florida at the end of February to rush home to cold and snowy Canada?  The reason is in the pictures.

Last year available Dachshund puppies found new homes before we were ready or reacting not fast enough in the pursuit of a purchase. Further searches for puppies brought us to breeders located all over Ontario but none close to home.  So when we saw two advertisements for pups in January we contacted the owners to see if they would hold a puppy for us for when we come home in spring.  Of course they wouldn’t and we would prefer to select the right one for us. However, it looks like nowadays the pups are being released at a much younger age than our previous dogs and with March Break coming up we were told the puppies must be gone by then. So, we ended up in a panic race up the Interstate 75 toward Canada a few days ago J

The little pretty female was 8 weeks old when we picked her up in the Town of Lakeshore close to the city of Windsor, Ontario last Saturday.  On Sunday we drove to Grand Bend on the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario to get the 10 weeks old cute male Dachshund.  Both are lively little rascals. They get along well and can be a real handful if you let them.

In my experience it is easier to train only one dog, as the other one would not distract the puppy trying to relief itself.  The little girl already knew where she was expected to do her business, which we provided with a 24x24 inch plastic shallow tub from the TSC Store, a well known store chain for Ranchers and Farmers, holding a disposable, absorbent training pad from the same store. The male puppy had not been trained that way and was used to go outside or perhaps anywhere.  With our present cold temperatures I am not going to continue that practice until it warms up somewhat, so our patience is being tested.  But determination and training will get us there. 

For the puppies sleeping arrangement and playtime we have for a bargain price a portable playpen made for babies, which is netted on all sides with a plastic bottom.  That arrangement is temporary until we can trust our young dogs enough to roam freely in the house without leaving us a wet or soft present on the lovely virgin carpet.
You will be asking: “ aaand which names have you given them???” Our granddaughters Heidi and Annaliese are thinking very hard in coming up with the names.

Sure, we are now busier than we would want to be, but it is a lot of fun to watch puppies play and discover new things.  Stay tuned…..

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  1. They are definitely a couple of cuteys. With our plans for future travels we decided when our last pet passed that we would simply enjoy everyone else's pets. This allows us to travel freely and not have the worries associated with the furkids. See you soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.