This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Monday, 7 November 2016

He did it!

Benno could not hold off anymore and got our power dolly "Parkit 360" out of the crawlspace of our house. Reading up on fellow RV travel blogs and seeing that everyone is heading south right now makes us very travel itchy.
“I better do it now and not when we have some snow on the ground,” Benno said. The weather forecast indicated that there could be some snow in the coming weekend in Northern Ontario. Hmm, but we live in Southern Ontario, Canada’s most southern point right across from Detroit, Michigan and might not see any snow for many weeks to come. Haha, there was no holding back of my hubby. It was the starting gun to get off the couch and turn the White Hawk 24 travel trailer around on its resting place next to the house. When it’s done, the truck can be hooked up in a flash and we can be on the road south in minutes.

We store the power dolly during the summer down in our crawl space under the house.

We purchased the “Parkit 360” power dolly in 2014 to be able to maneuver the trailer in tight spaces. The dolly is using the trailer’s 12 Volt battery power.

Here the Parkit 360 power dolly is hooked up

A very tight turn, no problem

The trailer is almost in position

It steers with ease

No muscle spasm to move 5210 lbs.

The Parkit 360 power dolly accepts the shaft of the trailer's power jack
and swivels around it for steering control
the switch close to the handle is for reverse & forward

The black & red cables from the power dolly
are hooked to the trailer's group 24
12 Volt AGM battery

Our “Parkit 360” model can move a 10.000 Ibs trailer. In our case, the “White Hawk 24 RKS” weight empty is 5,210 lbs., this is very well in the capacity of the power dolly.
The dolly could almost turn a trailer on a dime. It is a very good engineered unit and made right here in Ontario in Carleton Place, a town close to the city of Ottawa.

The trailer is ready to be hooked-up

The way we are parking our trailer during the summer months here next to the house, the hitch coupler is facing the garage. 180 degree to the picture above, the RAM truck could not accomplish this, only if it could fly back out straight up in the air, but with the “Parkit 360” it’s an easy task.


  1. Now that the Hitch-itch has set in we should be hearing about your travels fairly soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. My neighbour had a Parkit but returned it because he said it was way too slow and it was so loud it woke up the neighbourhood. Not only that, but it also bent his trailer tongue because the ball mount couldn't get a good clean flat connection to his ball latch. He ended up finding another company within Canada that makes a much better power dolly system that is very fast and easy to connect to any ball mount trailer and even better for us folks who like to sleep in it's whisper quite too. He calls it a Trax TX6000 I think and I have to say it's a sweet looking motorize trailer mover.

    1. So far the Parkit 360 has done the job for us without snafu. The power dolly you mentioned seems to be a new kid on the blog. I noticed Trax Power Dolly Company is associated with Jeff Sawlor who used to be with the Parkit Company. Small world.

    2. Yes, and anonymous means Jeff Sawlor... 😎

  3. Very happy to hear that you are happy with your Parkit360. Call any time toll free 18889265517 if you have any questions.

  4. I have a parkit 360 for 4 years now and it has been a constant maintenance item. I have the 10k model. My trailer is 7500 lbs tandem Jayco eagle. I have a 3% 5 degree slope over 100 feet on my drive way. ( with a 3 % 5 degree slope you need to add 50 % to the weight of your trailer. So with a slope of this degree a 10k parkit pulling a 7000 lbs trailer right st its limit). That in is why my 10k parkit will not pull my trailer up this grade. It pulls for a small distance, then looses drive and begins slipping in the drive system. I have purchased a complete new motor with drive and it made no difference. Still will not pull the trailer. I continue to adjust the chain thinking it was jumping the sprocket, but no change. I have sent videos to parkit for suggestions, they are no help!
    So l have now purchased a Airtug. ( see Airtug. Com) It is a 15,000 lbs capacity and Cost more but a great unit. You don’t have to tug and pull on the handle to make turns, this unit has a hydrostatic transmission which senses your turn and automatically transfers power to the opposite wheel to power your turn. Yes costs much more but worth the money because it does the job. It has two 12 volt batteries and operates on 24 volts.