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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Snow makes it feel so Christmassy

Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit like a pile of fresh snow on the ground and we had some of that coming down yesterday late afternoon and overnight. It was the first snowfall of the season here where we are.  The accumulation was just enough to bring out all the snow blowers around the neighborhood this morning and the ones who didn’t have one got a helping hand from the friendly fellows who did.  Besides the manual labor involved, if you didn’t have to exhaust yourself, I think overall it is also a bit of fun to mess around with the white stuff.

Of course I am speaking from the perspective of a retiree who doesn’t have to rush out to go to work in a blizzard, drive through slush and arrive in a salt encrusted car at a parking lot that hasn’t yet been cleared of snow.  No, I mean after a leisure breakfast, a second cup of coffee at the computer, getting dressed for the task and then tackling the job. 

For all of you snowbirds somewhere down in the warm climate, who have forgotten what it is like, I am sending some pictures of Benno clearing the path to his shed and of course the driveway this morning.  Meanwhile I was in the warm house behind the window taking pictures.  Ha! OK, don’t laugh, I also bundled up and went out to shovel the snow off the deck, but there was no one there to take a picture of me ;-)

Someone had to do the hard work :-)

Please notice that while I was in Germany Benno turned our trailer around with the help of the power dolly for a quick hook-up in case we can escape to a southern destination.

our neighbour Barry cleaning Derrick's driveway with his tractor 

I have to mention that I have the very, very best sister who, after seeing this lovely set of dishtowels with little Dachshunds printed on it, immediately thought of us, purchased it and mailed it, along with delicious goodies and a lovely card for Christmas.  I love you Christina!

And did I tell you that we also have the very, very best neighbor? Teresa surprised us with a hand painted picture on canvas she had commissioned for us.  Isn’t that a truly realistic looking picture of our Doxies?  Thank you so much Teresa!

Hoping all our friends and family are staying warm and cozy and the ones down south to have fun in the sun!


  1. It looks like the Doxies are ready to head south as well. At Least they are dressed for the Cold Weather.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Oh my, for your first snowfall you really got dumped on!
    Benno is making short work of the job though. TG for snowblowers.
    Love the pictures with the pooches looking in AND out the window.
    Your sister is a sweetheart and so is your neighbour. I love impulses like that. :)