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Friday 29 June 2018

Benno’s Man Cave update

Since I (Benno) had moved all my tools and little machines into the late, last year delivered, and from Marlene and me finished Amish shed, I became a happy trooper enjoying whenever I could my little shop. (See last year 16. Dec. 2017 post here). Slowly over time I customized this little workshop with a couple of shelves, shop chair and other technical toys.

Here is a recap of last year’s shed- workshop pictures, while I prepared the ground for the arrival of the Amish shed, fixed it up and moved into the shed that became my little workshop.

Drilling holes for the posts

Posts for pad frame are set

Mounting 2x8 planks to frame the pad    

Finished gravel pad waiting for the arrival of the Amish shed

Amish shed is being delivered 

Working on the inside, wiring, insulation, wall and ceiling paneling and vinyl flooring, 
all done by us M+B Unlimited or Very Limited. 
M+B stands for Marlene + Benno!

On moving day I used the ceiling eyelet for the chain hoist

The chain hoist can lift 1/4 ton and the ceiling eyelet can hold 1300 lbs. and did I ever use the eyelet and the hoist! Last year while moving into the shed I used the hoist to lift my lathe (166 Ibs.) onto the lathe cabinet. A few weeks ago when that lathe was sold the hoist did its magic again in lowering the lathe from the cabinet onto a moving dolly, when the buyer picked up the lathe. The newer lathe (360 Ibs.) got lifted up with the hoist too and the other day the hoist was used again to lift the bench top milling machine (285 Ibs.) up as well.

In the meantime, since last year, the little shop got more equipment, as you will notice in the pictures. Below are the updated pictures, including the new lathe, a step up from the smaller lathe, which I had posted on Kijiji for sale and it sold in less than 24 hrs. The new lathe is bigger and additionally to the longitudinal-feed it has a cross-feed, which I really like and missed on the other lathe. To top up the last father’s day present (lathe), the new lathe now got a companion in form of a bench top milling machine that we just picked up in Pittsburgh a few days ago. Now I am a happy camper so to speak. I can watch the soccer world cup from the shop TV while drilling a few holes at the same time J

Her a picture of my pride who helped me to make it happen

The new workshop in the corner of our property

When you open the entrance door, this is what you see

Workbench from Cosco, but the 5 inch Rekord Vise was purchased at RONA, Leamington

A small bench style hydraulic press from the famous Canadian Tire Store
below it you see the newer style very quiet 6 gal. air compressor called Californian Air
The nice looking press table frame was made up by Paul Klingenschmitt, an in the neighbourhood living metal craft artist.

A tool cabinet with mounted drill press and tool grinder

View of rear wall

The TV came with our travel trailer and serves us during winter travel
in the trailer's bedroom and here during the summer in the workshop

The new bench top milling machine

The mounted bench top mill on its cabinet

View of the left wall with bench top milling machine, storage cabinet and new lathe

Bench top lathe purchased at Busy Bee in London, Ont. this Father's Day

Lathe is mounted on a cabinet from Canadian Tire's Workshop collection
please note the grey cutting tool shelf just above the lathe is my own fabrication

View toward the shed's entrance door

Amazing that all this equipment fit into a 9x12 ft Amish shed, isn't it? In Germany they would call it "Raumwunder."


  1. Now that is a wonderful Man Cave, sure looks like fun place to hang out, all men tools and workshop are now history, sometimes i wish I still had it but love this lifestyle even more.

    1. George I know what you mean. While being full-time on the boat all I had was a tool case and some Tupperware boxes and that had to do it.

  2. Amazing set up you have Benno. I am most curious as to what type of projects you will be working on.

    1. Contessa the projects will come over time and like Rick says, the shop will make my life more comfortable.

  3. Your little hide away is full of useful tools that will help you make your lives more comfortable. Well Done!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Love your workshop Benno, I'm jealous, would love to have a place like that to build my RC planes.

    1. Thank you Bill. Lets face it, the shop trailer you have to work on the planes is a nifty place, too!

  5. Great looking shed, looks like you will get a lot of use out of it!

    1. Just wait Jim and Barb, when your picturesque place at Pringle, South Dakota is done, you will for sure have also a nice shop with all the essential tools and equipment you need. Right?

  6. You have Bill drooling. His wish list is so long, I can't keep up!

  7. Holy Smokes that little work shop looks more like a high tech lab in a prestige hospital. Well done you two.

    1. Al dont rub it in or else it gets into Benno's head. ;-)