This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Monday 5 October 2020

Are we being optimistic, or what?

If you are wondering what we have been up to in the last few weeks, well actually a lot happened.

We sold our tractor for almost the same money we paid for it. In case you are speculating why we sold it so soon, the reason is the job was done, we accomplished what we had planned on doing at our own pace without being rushed, which would not have happened had we rented a tractor for grading and the movement of all that topsoil (30 ton). When we finalized the deal last week Tuesday in McGregor, which is not far from Windsor and while in the area, we dropped into Leisure Trailer Sales in Tecumseh on our way home to just have a look for fun at their inventory of new travel trailers. We should not have done this, because you know where this is going, aren’t you. It’s like looking at a new car or truck although you are not shopping for one and once you fall in love with a new model, you just got to have it.  So, of course as you have guessed it, we now are owners of a new travel trailer.

Leisure Trailer Sales had a “Grand Design Imagine 2600 RB” travel trailer that caught our eyes. Once we told the salesman that we had a very nice Jayco travel trailer at home that had received lots of TLC from us, they wanted to see it. The next day, Wednesday, we towed our 24ft Jayco White Hawk RKS to Leisure Trailer’s parking lot for an evaluation and it not only passed with flying colors, but I think the sales manager has already a potential customer for it lined up as he said he liked our trailer. (Here is a link to a YouTube clip of an Imagine 2600RB with a different interior layout) (YouTube)


I know we won’t be traveling south this winter, but my hope is that we will be able to take a leisure trip with this new travel trailer here in Canada next summer. In the meantime we can personalize it as we always do. However, this time there is less to do than what we had been changing or adding to our previous trailers. I guess the fun part is of figuring out where to store everything in this new configuration.


Benno will be busy and mess with installing vent hoods; water purification filters, adding a couple of new AGM batteries, a voltmeter, hooks, towel bars and some minor things etc.


And on Saturday as I was driving into Leamington, I saw those awesome balloons and kites. It was called: Kites and Lights with a special night light show to be viewed from your own car. I didn't have my cameras with zoom with me so these photos will have to do as they were taken with my iPhone.

Thank you for dropping in and everyone have a great day!


  1. Congratulations on the new Trailer. I noticed a Rear Camera. Did Leisure Trailer set it up for you?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you. The trailer comes with prewired camera as well prewired solar installation. We do not have the camera yet, but are probably getting one. I think Benno is quite capable of hooking it up.

  2. Congratulations on your new trailer. I am quite familiar with them as CanAm sells a lot of this trailer. You should be very happy with it.

    1. Thank you. I bet you know this trailer. We threatened Leisure Trailer of going to CanAm for the deal ;-) I hope we will not be disappointed with it.

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations! Both on the tractor sale and on the purchase of the Imagine. Bill raves that Grand Design makes great rv's so that sounds like a good move. :) It looks lovely and spacious. Amazing what a different layout and 2' does.
    The kites and lights would be cool to see!
    Nice to hear from you! Stay well!

    1. Thank you. We gained a lot of space to move around which should help with both dogs inside. As to stowing things I will have to rethink a few items, but its a matter of adjusting. Everything is a compromise.