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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Early Spring, New RV Door Window and German Cooking

Would it be possible that the nesting period here in southern Ontario has already begun? There is a lot of activity going on in all of our nesting boxes and since last week I spotted a redwing back bird coming to feed at the bird-feeder on our deck in the mornings and late afternoons, so perhaps the birds know spring is just around the corner and a few migrating birds have already arrived. Thankfully, except for a few little heaps, all the snow has disappeared here in our area.

Having our travel trailer parked next to the house is rather convenient. We have it electrically heated inside to hold the temperature above the frost temps and sometimes my hubby disappears inside for a while and I then can hear the furnace running in the RV. I guess he thinks of future travel and maybe what else he wants to improve. We discovered that if we want to watch TV in the camper during the day, the light coming through the door window is too bright to see the colors of the TV screen properly. Rather than just installing shades over the window that has been bothersome, we ordered a new window.  


The door window that came with the RV is the standard frosted glass that Benno calls “Toilet Window Glass” and you cannot see out through it nor see who is standing in front at the door. All the other windows at the RV are the tinted glass windows that filter out the hot sun and make it difficult from the outside to see inside meanwhile giving a clear view of the scene outside. The new door window we ordered is also of the tinted glass type and comes with a black horizontal blind, which you can open or close and is embedded inside the frame, so it is flush with the door. We purchased through Amazon Canada and here is the link: RV Replacement Door Window


The whole installation, including removing of the old window, went under one hour I think and was pretty easy to do as to Benno’s judgment. I assisted by holding the frame in place from the outside while Benno popped the glass in from the inside.

I am happy with the improvement and wonder why the manufacturer doesn’t ship the RVs right from the start with those windows or offer them as an option. Here are two YouTube links for the installation in case you are interested. Window Installation and How the installation really went


It has been a week of German food, or comfort food that I prepared in my kitchen and I was wondering if our Canadian/US friends are familiar with those dishes and if not, are interested in trying them. They are not difficult to cook and don’t take long to prepare either.


Here are three typical European dishes and as to personal preference some ingredients can be substituted or omitted. Most times I like to cook for more than two portions and freeze the rest for a lazy day of microwaving or reheating the meal. Therefore it is also more cost-effective. 


Rouladen: Made from thin outside round beef slices and filled with bacon, onion and pickle and simmered together with fresh mushrooms. This recipe is suitable for Instant Pot, Pressure Pot, or Slow Cooker users.


Schnitzel: Cut and butterflied slices of pork loin, breaded in a wash of flour, egg and Italian breadcrumbs, and then panfried.


Spaetzle: Cooked German Egg noodles with fried onions and bacon, topped and baked with Swiss and Parmesan cheese. Of course you can make your own noodles, but I shortcut and purchase them at Walmart.


Hoping to have inspired you to do some creative cooking and I’m willing to share my recipes if you want.



  1. Our trailer already had that Window Blind installed but you had to open the door in order to raise and lower it.
    Those food dishes look delicious.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. If you don't like opening the door to move the blind then the retractable screen would be the answer. Below is the link for it.
      Just another project for the RV :-)

  2. Yummy-ummy. Definitely like to try them all! I broke down and bought some frozen chicken schnitzel from Aldi hoping that they would live up to German standards (and also be an easy meal). Last time I had "real" schnitzel was at a restaurant in Fat Hogs Bay, Tortola - I think the chef was from Vienna. Your plating looks amazing - all look very appealing, (our men are spoiled, lol). Cool window mod, it's awesome that Benno is so handy.

    1. Linda you don't have to suffer either because I know Ed could easily do a window install and more as he demonstrated that on the modifications on Dreamtime. That's great that Aldi carries chicken schnitzel. I didn't know that. BTW the genuine schnitzel are made from veal, but we prefer the pork schnitzel instead.

  3. What a great addition to your rv! We have windows beside our door so no need for it but it is perfect for you!
    The meals look wonderful, my photos of how I slap mine on the plate cannot compare!! But they taste good! :)

    1. The issue was mainly the light coming through the window as the TV hangs next to it. Bill has nothing to complain, your meals look wonderful and I'd come for dinner anytime ;-)

  4. Like the window replacement. All your dishes look and sound delicious. I would really like the recipe for the Rouladen, which I had never heard of before. I always like the idea of making enough for more then one meal. It is not really any more work and so nice on those I just do not feel like cooking days.

    1. Deb if you use Messenger in FB I could PM you the recipe.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Benno enjoyed the work and it looked easy to me.