This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Thursday 8 December 2022

Continuation of yesterday’s blog

So after turning off the faucet at the RV post Benno discovered quickly where the culprit of the leak came from. It was the PEX fitting of the cold water supply to the outside shower, which had cracked from the frosty night (-8C) we experienced up in Canada. We had never used the outside shower and the fitting was located behind the water control panel that he had to unscrew to get at it. Of course back home we would have a spare part and tools for it. Nope, we didn’t bring them and it had not occurred to us that residue water could accumulate in it when we drained the lines and a following frost busted the fitting. There was nothing we could do for the moment, so no water at the travel trailer.

Photo of the fixed PEX in the basement

I resorted to visiting the campgrounds facilities. Surprisingly the shower basins were actually quite large and nice looking with strong water pressure and the hot water made up for my disappointment of not showering in our RV. After our breakfast next morning Benno chased off to the nearest Home Depot in Leesburg where he got what was needed and what we already own back home.


After the successful completion of this repair the next thing on our agenda was to get our phone and Internet connection going. The free wifi in our park is spotty and perhaps also overloaded. Since we only spend four month in the USA we get a SIM card with phone number for our Canadian phone for a prepaid account and unlimited data. That way we use our Personal Hotspot to connect our devices to the Internet.  Last year we used Verizon and it was good so we decided to give it a try again. As luck would have it, the associate salesperson guy at the Verizon store was new and still in training. After long discussions and with help from his supervisor we were set up with a working phone and left to do some more shopping. Back at the RV our phone started to give us some trouble and soon after didn’t work at all. Meanwhile I had thought there was a mix-up with the new phone number and when verifying our email address it could not be found. Some tense back and forth trips to the Internet room had me almost stressed out, I normally don’t get hyped up. In the end we gave up. Next day we were back at the same Verizon store to sort things out and discovered the “newbie” had made some mistakes that the more knowledgeable supervisor now fixed in a fly.


With now a working Internet connection Benno offered to find the instructions manual on line for my Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS100 camera that I had left at home. You see all of a sudden the camera would not go into photo mode and insisted on making videos no matter what I tried on our trip south. How frustrating that was. A credit is due to my patient hubby for fixing this issue as well. “Love my Man”


Aldi on the left, Dollar Tree next and the red lettering is Harbor Freight

The Snowbird South RV Park is located between Bushnell and Leesburg and both have a Super Wal-Mart. However, in Leesburg the “Aldi” supermarket is in the same plaza as “Harbor Freight” and a “Dollar Tree” store in the middle. Next to this plaza with a road in-between is a larger Super Wal-Mart than in Bushnell. So this seems to be our go to shopping area with many of the usual chain stores also nearby.


This sign was next to a path into the woods

While being parked in the shade at the edge of the parking lot at Aldi store Benno spotted this sign and upon noticing a couple of vagrants disappearing into the bushes he discovered this. Never came across anything like this in Canada.    


A whole box and plastic bag full of wrapped Angus Bacon Cheeseburgers
we did not check them out if they were fresh

Oh, did I mention that there are Alligators close by and signs advising us not to feed them? 

There will be some photos forthcoming, so stay tuned for my next update.



  1. SO frustrating not to have internet OR your phone working. Glad they got it fixed. Gosh ... that's a BIG box of burgers. Do they have that many homeless down there??

    1. I'm glad we got the Internet problems fixed for now. This pile of burgers I found shockingly wasteful.

  2. Next to going to a car dealership, I dread going to the cellular store. Very rarely is it a pleasant experience.

    1. This cellular setup should be so simple, but it looked to me every customer had issues there and they spent a lot of time in the store. Must be frustrating to work there.

  3. Somehow missed this post until now, great plaza with all those "heavy hitters" in it, haha. Benno can while away the hours in Harbor Freight while you do the other 2. Glad you got your phone squared away.