This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Monday 8 July 2024

More boat work

 Did I say we were done with the bathroom or wet bath (called the “Head”) in the boat? Well, it turned out there were more tasks we had to do to finally close the door.

Reggy and Elsa enjoying lazing on the deck

After painting the wall (behind it are the electrical hookups etc) opposite of the sink with an oil based paint, the floor looked kind of shabby. Benno sanded it and filled previous holes with epoxy. The previous paint was epoxy based so that was what we had to purchase to apply on top. It needed four coats with a day of drying time in-between coats. There was a wooden corner cover that hides the water hoses to the shower and I had it painted with the oil based paint. Benno thought it might look better with the epoxy paint to match the rest. However, applying the epoxy over oil did not go well and it bubbled up. That turned into another four days of paint coats :-(  Then Benno decided to cut, router and sand strips of teak wood to screw and glue onto the step in the bathroom to avoid slipping on that now shiny painted floor when taking a soapy shower. After all that a few seams got GE Silicone sealer for water proofing. Finally done with that, I hung the shower curtain (temporarily to see how it fits) and Benno hung a full length mirror on the door. But I’m sure we are done now with this part of the boat!!

In the meantime the awkward hanging locker in front of the V-berth (forward bed) got removed and we are working on a new design. Benno installed a shorter bulkhead (wall) and covered it with the panelling we have. Also the side walls of the V-berth are being covered and that takes a while to do as he has to make a template for each section before cutting the odd shapes. He finished the bow (front) part already, including replacing the faulty anchor winch with a new Lewmar Pro Series.  Pictures of the interior forward cabin will be posted when we have more to show. Oh, and before I forget, we got a new anchor, a 15kg Rocna, that will be our main anchor and be mounted on the bow roller.

So my hubby spends most days in or around the boat while I run the house and outside chores. On Saturday before the long weekend I was going to wash a load of laundry when after filling the machine  the door would not close on my Bosch washing machine. Well, it turned out the electrical magnetic lock was busted. I guess after probably a thousand plus times of opening and closing it was time to go on the fritz. Of course it had to happen on a weekend, right. Thanks to YouTube we (Benno) learned how to remove the broken part, find it on the internet and found who sold the original manufactured part for us to get it. It involved a trip, but we had a trip already planned for boat parts etc. the following week, so it was basically on the way. Reinstalling the new door lock turned out to be a bit more complicated I presume than taking it out as I heard some expletives coming from the laundry room while Benno was working on it. All done now and several loads of laundry finished. 

Although it gets pretty hot in our area most days, we are enjoying this summer weather. Of course having central air-conditioning and a Dyson fan running in the boat helps. Hoping you are all well and make the most of this time of year, I thank you for dropping in again. Until next time.


  1. We are getting summer now but no complaints here! Could be worse.

  2. Nice work on the Head, will have to come and see it one day.

  3. I am just amazed at the beautiful work Benno and you do on that boat. Nice to have someone who can fix anything ... even if there are a few expletives floating around!!

  4. That Rocna is so pretty and shiny, lol! I'm sure it will serve you well. Painting w/epoxy paint is a pain, but it looks great. Enjoy the summer!

  5. You guys sure are handy! Great job on the washer. Love, love, love everything you've done with the boat. Great progress!