This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Tuesday 13 September 2016

Simple Solutions for a couple of things

Isn’t it true that sometimes the littlest things that annoy us become a big deal? Well, there is the issue of not being able to get into the bathroom without some acrobatic workout when the slide is in.  At least Benno is forced to some kind of exercise to do so. I, on the other hand, slip off my shoes, make myself as skinny as possible and barely squeeze through. Perhaps we should consider using the emergency exit window to use it as an emergency entry and jumping through it in a terrible rush while having stopped by the roadside for an emergency use of the camper's bathroom.
But hold on, there is a simple solution to our problem. The side panels on the foldout sofa are just too large.  By cutting three inches off on each side solved this problem and we think it looks much better this way. Why hasn’t anybody been testing and checking this layout at the Jayco factory?

original side panel before the modification

side panel cut down three inches in width

path through to the bathroom after shortening of panel
when the slide is in

As pet owners of two very adorable little Dachshunds, a close to 9-month-old male named Reggy, and an 8-month-old female named Elsa, life around the house has become very lively at times.  In March of this year these two beautiful Doxie rascals came into our lives at the tender ages of just 8 and 10 weeks and since then they have fully grown. 



We knew that at any time now our Elsa was to be going into heat and I examined her every day without noticing any sign.  The dogs had been sharing a large portable kennel to sleep in during the night and about two weeks ago, in the middle of the night; a commotion in the kennel awakened us. Still a little groggy from sleep I didn’t realize that Benno had already gotten the ladder down and was quickly climbing into our attic to bring down the spare, a smaller kennel, meant for only one dog. Reggy, who is a bit more petit in size than Elsa had to relocate and he didn’t protest when he was led into his new and temporary home for the night.  All was quiet afterward. 

In the morning we were very concerned.  Is she, or isn’t she?  Pregnant, that is.  Hoping of course that we weren’t too late in preventing to have puppies, a solution had to be found. Keeping these two sweethearts apart during the day is impossible in our house and locking one up was out of the question.   I went to our local pet “Pet Valu” store where I found the product  "Simple Solution". The package read, “new & improved” washable diaper made out of a soft stretch fabric, super-absorbent with optional disposable liner pads. What a great product and idea.  These panties didn’t exist when we had our previous 4 dogs years ago.  For the moment we are keeping our options open if we want to perhaps breed our dogs sometime in the future.
So stay tuned as to what transpires next.

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