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Sunday 19 February 2017

What's for dinner?

We’ve been quiet for a while.  Nothing is wrong all is good here in warm and sunny Florida.  Please don’t be worried!! The days seem to fly by because we seem to be surprised when yet another weekend it upon us.  Other than the normal grocery shopping or trips to get a few everyday things we run out of there hadn’t been any reason for us to leave the park.  However, while being stopped at a traffic light in town we thought it was interesting to see an anvil mounted to the rear bumper of a van.  I have never seen that back home in Canada, but being here in Ocala, the horse capital of the world, it seems plausible that perhaps the vehicle in front of us belonged to a hoofer or farrier on his way to shoe a horse. 

This afternoon the unmistakably melody of an ice cream truck grew slowly louder behind our camper.  There are no children here in this park, but you don’t have to be a kid to instantly recognize this tune.  The weather was certainly pleasant enough right for this kind of treat, but my hubby will get his favorite ice cream, “Bryers Black Raspberry Chocolate” later tonight as he does most nights.  There are advantages being in an RV park and ours offers also one night a week an ice cream social where you can choose your own toppings in addition to the ice cream favor of your choice.

For Valentines Day I dipped strawberries in melted milk chocolate, which we devoured in the afternoon with our coffees.  Why didn’t I take a picture of them as they were so pretty I asked myself?  So when I served our dinner, chicken Parmesan with green beans and bacon I grabbed the camera.  Not that this was a very special meal, but I guess sometimes I too can mention what’s for dinner at our table. 

Tonight we have German Frikadelle (kind of a large flattened meatball but not a hamburger) made in the frying pan with “Diana” sauce and zucchini.

That is all for today.  Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and I wish everyone who is looking for bargains happy shopping tomorrow on Presidents Day! Benno already did his on Friday at “Harbor Freight’s” 20% off Presidents Day sale, more screw drivers and little clamps!!

This is in response to Patsy's comment below: I tried out another font in normal size and it didn't make any difference in the view.  By choosing the next larger font as suggested by Blogger which is this format, it looks huge to me and I have to find perhaps another solution. (What do you think?)  I also have sometimes difficulty reading blogs with small fonts and use the option of "Reader View" which is by clicking on the lines to the left of the blog description (look at the picture below) and this brings up the site with a white background and larger black font. I think it is available on most devices. 



  1. Looking at the swing arm the Anvil is mounted to the Bumper so your assumption of a portable Black Smith Shop is correct.
    We both loved your food presentations.
    If Benno keeps buying tools he won't be able to tow the trailer home. LOL!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Rick, you know the saying "you can never have too many tools" yes, you are right, I have to stop Benno to visit those tool and hardware stores. ;-) but it is so tempting when we are out in town. We must get together when we are all back home to talk shop and see all the improvements you did!

  2. Look at you and your delicious meals! They look yummy! Might I suggest something for your blog posts? I don't know if it is easy to do but your font is really tiny and these eyes aren't getting any younger. If you like it the way it is, I will just zoom in. Just a thought from a fellow blogger! :)

    1. Thanks Patsy. I replied above as I couldn't post the picture into the comment box. It is good to know what the readers think and I appreciate the comments. There are a few issues I have with the blog and would like to make some changes but haven't sat down to fiddle with it yet. Also good to know that I have a few followers ;-)

  3. Personally, I appreciate the larger font.

    1. Thanks Stew, I appreciate your comment. There is much I have to learn about Blogger and in composing my posts. The next posting will have a bigger font. I'm thrilled you dropped by and hope you'll continue to look into this blog. I'll be checking out your blog as well.