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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

A Disappointment

Where are we now?
K&N RV Park, Huachuca City, AZ

Since we arrived in Arizona, the sheer volume of different rocks to be seen on the ground everywhere has mesmerized me.  I mean wherever you look, there are colorful rocks, quartz and if you are lucky, some minerals lying around. Occasionally I have been picking up nice rocks to collect. So when a fellow RVer and retired geologist and gold panner/digger told me that the best place to go for some fun quartz rock collecting would be the old Reef Mine at the Carr Canyon in the Huachuca Mountains, I wanted to go.

Fellow RVer & retired Geologist

To get there we drove once more through Sierra Vista on SR-92 until East Carr Canyon Road. Again a beautiful scenery with views onto the mountains as we drove along the country road. There were at least 10 deer grazing next to the road on a small farm that had no fence. 

Alongside of the road we noticed a sign saying, “Travel Caution Smuggling and Illegal Immigration may be encountered in the Area”. Well, I had never come across that before and we thought we should keep our eyes open for a bunch of “Illegal Aliens” coming running out of the bush.  The next sign advising us that the road is not recommended for passenger cars and vehicles over 20 ft and trailers over 12 feet are prohibited, that might give an indication that the Carr Canyon Road is to be taken seriously.

We knew it is a steep road with many switchbacks and we would be rewarded with beautiful vistas and a waterfall at the top. However, at the bottom where the creek from Carr Canyon falls crossed the road, we found a locked gate with a sign “Road Closed” too bad!

We parked by the side of the road and climbed around the rocks and boulders at the creek a little bit. I took some photos with my small camera, as I had not brought my Canon with telelens. A local Mexican guy arrived to show his friend where he used to go climbing and bathing in the creek as a youngster. Some other folks came up and were likewise disappointed that the road had been closed for vehicle traffic. We could have hiked up to the top at 7,200 ft. altitude, it would have been 5 miles in 27C/80F, but common sense told us to skip this exercise.  And so this trip, although enjoyable, fell short. 

Then on reflection of this road’s reputation, see the link: dangerousroads, maybe it was a good thing that we weren’t able to drive up.

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  1. Some nice scenery there . and probably a good thing that road was closed with the treacherous conditions.

    1. That area is beautiful. The waterfall is steeper than Niagara Falls. Wish I could have seen it from above.

  2. They always say things happen for a reason so it was probably a good thing that it was closed. Still some nice pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. If things happen for a reason, then I am glad we didn't drive up ;-)