This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Monday, 25 November 2019

Does it get cold in Florida?

Wandering Oaks RV Resort, Ocala, Florida

Let us be honest, apparently it does. Last night we dropped down to 2+C/35F and it was not in the forecast. We had our propane furnace set on thermostat and really didn’t notice the cold. For the morning dog walk Benno had to double his sweaters, but by the time we were done with breakfast the temps were already up to 12C/53F and later on it warmed up to the point that Benno donned his new shorts.

Today I wanted to get some Yoplait yoghurt cups from Walmart. This brand is reasonably priced, has lots of real fruit bits and does not contain food colorings. Walmart’s parking lot here in Ocala now also has security cameras. We’ve noticed the signs of surveillance cameras in use at other WM locations but here they put the new “Lot Cop” movable units throughout the parking lot, picture below. It sure helped to keep the bums away and made us feel so much safer parking our truck there. Benno talked to a security guard who patrolled on foot the parking lot. The cameras are monitored off site and the guard is being informed via his radio, if there is something going on. That makes us appreciate how lucky we are in Canada, as it has not come to the need for these units yet.

The "Lot Cop" has cameras, motion detectors, automatic controlled spotlight, 
night vision and speaker

We are parked right next to the "Lot Cop"

Next on my agenda was a little shopping at the ALDI store. There is one located next to Walmart here in Ocala. It is a German supermarket store chain but obviously does not carry as many German items here as they do in Germany. However, they had our favorite German fruitcake, i.e. Stollen filled with Marzipan and Cherries and some other great Christmas chocolates and Lebkuchen, which we love to eat.  Aldi is known for basic food items usually at a lesser price than other food stores. In addition they carry two aisles full of all kinds of merchandise at a reduced price. The products change constantly and you never know what they carry next week. So I filled my shopping cart with the cold cuts, Artisan bread, fruits, vegetables and fresh meat I came here for and a pair of Merino wool socks for Benno and a Motion Laser Light Projector for Christmas that was priced at $19.95.

Marzipan, Cherries and dried fruits filled Stollen

Yummy chocolates!

Christmas is only a month away and this time I did not pack any Christmas decorations or our mini Christmas tree. With two dogs in the travel trailer and only the table to put it up on I thought there was not enough room for it. Instead I think the colorful lights shining onto our trailer will be sufficient to put us into the Christmas Spirit. 

A good price for this unit

It comes with a stand and stake

We tried different lights and motions

Tomorrow promises to be another nice day here and perhaps we will just stay put and relax. Thanks for dropping in again.

Tonights dinner
homemade coleslaw, homemade hash browns, green beans
 slices of pork loin I breaded in flour, egg and Italian breadcrumbs


  1. Great shopping deals, especially that light light. We purchased one a few years ago and set it up and it was stolen the second night that we were here. That was the only time something has been stolen. I think is was so neat that someone just could not resist. Temperatures are abnormal everywhere.

    1. I bet someone just fell in love with the Laser Projector as they probably had never seen one before but so sad to take it from you. We will take ours in at night of fear some dog might relieve itself on it or someone stumbles over it.

  2. I had seen one of those "lot cops" at a Walmart near Detroit but had no idea what they were. Interesting and now I know.
    We bought one of those laser lights this year, also. Sounded like an easy way to bring some Christmas to the outside of the Motorhome.

    1. The lot cops are a great idea and could be used at other stores locations as well. After reading about some shooting and confrontations at parking lots this is a better way and cops and tow trucks could just be called without getting into arguments. We love the lights and think they could be used at home too or at parties.

  3. First that we've heard about the "Lot Cop".
    Great deals that will really put you in the Christmas Mood.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. There is always something new we discover in our travels. Wish we had Aldi stores in Canada as well.

  4. We saw a lot cop this past spring on our way home, just not sure where now. Like your new Christmas light, we have one also that will be put out once we get to Pilot Knob. Take care.

    1. The lights will look great on your Suite and especially if you get another great spot next to the large trees at Pilot Knob.

  5. Great idea, those Lot Cops. I wasn't aware they did so much.
    Nice shopping spree. I've stopped buying fruit cake since I started making my own but it does look good. :)
    Funny how we all think AZ and FL nights are warm too but we sure have learned since we started coming south that they aren't.

    1. With so much security everywhere nowadays it is no wonder the large box stores follow suit. I have never made a German Stollen/fruit cake but my grandmother did. There is a special technique to bake/roll it to the form with the little hump on top without it going flat. I think these cold nights are not the norm down here, but we'll see. BTW slapped my first mosquito yesterday :)