This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Friday 29 November 2019

Bad roads or bad luck

Wandering Oaks RV Park, Ocala, Florida

I can’t believe we have to purchase another tire for the travel trailer. Anyone reading my blog will remember last year’s disaster with the broken springs and us having to replace all tires for the trailer. These tires don’t even have three thousand miles on them and look what we discovered today.

The roads and Interstates are pretty bad in some areas with potholes and uneven pavement. However, this damage looks like a sharp object caused it. Neither one of us remembers driving over any metal, but then at night we do not see what is on the pavement. Regardless, we have to tackle this and it’s too bad we discovered the damage just now while Benno was checking the tire pressure, because it’s our last day here in the Wandering Oaks RV Park and tomorrow is moving day for us.

Yesterday was America’s Thanksgiving and it could not have been a nicer day with balming sunshine at 83F/27C. We enjoyed staying around the trailer and for a while I sat outside under the awning in my chair with both dogs by my side. Although the management of the RV Park cooked a turkey with a potluck contribution from the RVers, we opted for a steak dinner instead. Somehow with the warm weather we did not have an appetite for turkey. 

Apparently today was one of the biggest shopping days here in America. It is called Black Friday and people were out in droves to do their Christmas shopping as just about every store had some kind of deal or discounted merchandise going. We really didn’t need anything, but who can resist a deal, right? I had an item to return to the Gander/Camping World store and so we joined the crowds. Actually, it wasn’t that bad there but the parking lot had more cars parked than previously. I did my return and found another item they were out of previously and that was it for me. Meanwhile Benno went next door to the Northern Tool store where he found a 24ft self-retracting air hose on a reel for his air compressor in his shop back home. 28 bucks!
We then drove over to the Harbor Freight store. It is located at a plaza that also houses a Publix supermarket and a Dollar Tree discount store. While I grabbed a couple of items in the supermarket and two new lipsticks and nail polish at the Dollar Tree, Benno went to his favorite store to see what they had on sale. There was lots of stuff discounted, unfortunately Benno as already enough of this, but then he spotted a tie down ratchet to tie down his jerry cans on the truck and a small grease gun that would come of some use. Also the pack of 24 AA batteries was heavily discounted and you can never have enough of those. Hey $20 well spent. 

At noon Benno washed the travel trailer down because we had some road grime on it already and afterwards checked the tire pressures. That is when he discovered the rip on the curbside tire. We get that tomorrow taken care of before driving on to our next park.

For dinner I used up the rest of the asparagus I bought for Thanksgiving. I made us each a cheese omelet and filled them with steamed asparagus and green beans. They were very good.

Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly and no more surprises. Wishing everyone a nice weekend and I am going to report when we are set up in the next RV Park. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Road hazards take their toll on tires and like you said many roads are not in the best of shape. That is the unfortunate price one has to pay while enjoying the RV Lifestyle. If the tire cords have not been damaged the Tire could still be usable.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your next adventure.

    It's about time.

  2. Sorry to hear about your tire. Hopefully it will be fixed and you are safely on your way. Take care and safe travels.

  3. Glad to read you survived venturing out on Black Friday. Something I have always avoided.
    Sorry to read about your tire. Hope it is an easy fix and you are on your way quickly. Safe travels.

  4. That's too bad about the tire, sure looks like a sharp object did that. You got some great deals and Benno got his H.F. fix. Always good to keep our men happy too.
    The omelette with asparagus and beans looks simple yet yummy. Bill wouldn't give it a look. Fuss budget. haha

  5. Great eyes Benno, so glad you caught that tire. You also picked up some wonderful deals. Glad you tikka full to to just relax.