This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Thursday 7 January 2021

I hope your New Year got off to a good start!

I can’t believe that we are already a week into the New Year so it is high time that I start another post. Our Christmas stuff is packed away and the living room is back to its pre Christmas look. Outside almost all the snow has disappeared except for a few tiny piles in some corners but the grass looks soggy and limp. There have been several days now without sunshine here in our area, which I believe, is very unusual and although the days are now getting longer, I haven’t really noticed. As a matter of fact I would like to show you a photo I took this morning at 7:30 a.m. looking west. Yes, west!


With the absent view of a rising sun in the east, we have been provided with yellow and pink hues from the lights of the greenhouses in our vicinity. These colors are sometimes enhanced by a spectacular red sunset. I personally don’t mind the lights but there are some complaints about it in the community.


I call that dedication working outside in 1+C temps

My hubby is always looking for something to do and to occupy and challenge his brain. The travel trailer provides a good opportunity for that. Benno pointed out that when the slide is in, we are not able to turn the heat/air on or off, as we cannot get to the thermostat. The thermostat is located back in the bedroom at the corner of the sliding door. It’s difficult to see the display there with tinted windows on cloudy days without turning on the overhead lights. Also the temperature in the bedroom is not the same as in the sitting area by the TV.  Relocating the thermostat is just something Benno can and loves to do. 


This is the new location of the thermostat
near the entrance door

The task involved finding a suitable spot for the thermostat and we thought right at the entrance would suit us fine. Locating and then rerouting new wires by finding access spots etc. kept him busy for a bit. I went to visit to see how things were going and found the galley and dinette totally overtaken and occupied with tools and electrical things.  Time for me to retreat and to let him do his thing.


Wiring is in the works

My galley always turns into a workbench
on our boat I had the same problem!

Salon table or dinette table too!

Now beside the sliding door in the bedroom there is a gaping hole where the thermostat was located. What we are going to put to cover this gap you have to wait for the next update, because Amazon has not delivered our order yet. Also there is another project on the go in the travel trailer and that part is also in transit. The Amazon parcel tracking said, “Delay in delivery due to external factors”.  We hope they don’t mean external aliens! 


Old location of the thermostat in bedroom

Hole drilled for future stuff
will update in next post

Access from the storage compartment to the bedroom

Yesterday we entertained ourselves once more with a fun birthday party. This time it was Elsa’s turn as the birthday girl and Reggy participated with the same enthusiasm as the treat was again a slightly warmed up wiener sausage from the deli department.  Dachshunds are so much fun!


Oh no, this is not what you think!
This is a real Wiener and not a little willy ;-)

Thanks everyone for stopping by again. Hopefully the next post will be a bit sooner.


  1. They say "Time Flies When You're Having Fun" so you enjoy doing chores.
    We now have Six Minutes more daylight then we did in December. I've noticed that you have had more sunny periods then we have.
    Being able to accomplish RV Modifications seems to warm you against the cold temperatures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy this change in your travels.

    It's about time.

    1. While Benno was working inside the travel trailer he had an electric heater going and once the thermostat connection was done the furnace was turned on to make it toasty warm inside. However, after working in the storage compartment he had to come inside to warm up his frozen hands. But I do not feel sorry for him, because he said he enjoyed the work.

  2. Benno is quite entertaining too!! Her is always up to something. I had an Amazon order say that same thing. The expected delivery was Jan.14th. It came yesterday! Haha
    Nice job, Benno, can't wait to see what fills the hole.
    Happy Birthday, Elsa!

  3. Patsy you got to know Benno. Not a dull moment with him and I have to try and to keep up. Sometimes waiting for an order is half the fun!

  4. What a perfect time for Benno to be doing all of these wonderful changes to your RV. I sure wish that you were closer and rented him out. He knows more than some RV techs.

    So glad you now have better winter conditions like us here is BC and the same for friends in Alberta and Manitoba. The world is strange, look at the snow in Spain and Texas. 2021 is only 11 days old but being ever so dramatic.

    So happy for your fur babies. They certainly landed in the best house on the planet. Nothing like spoiling our pets - especially doxies.

    1. Contessa I know what a schatz I have! Truly, Benno enjoys this kind of work and wouldn't mind helping others. He's done so many times. What's the use of having doxies if you can't spoil them now and again, right?

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you will be covering the hole in your wall with and what the other little hole is for. Those greenhouse lights certainly add some beauty to the morning sky. What cute little cooperate dogs letting you put those hats on them. Stay safe.

    1. Updates for the holes in the wall are coming, stay tuned. Dachshunds are excellent for kids to play with. You can dress the dogs up and put them in strollers to push around, they are game for all of that and more ;-)