This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Little things that will improve our trailer life

This post is the continuation of my previous one. This might not be as interesting for those of you who are looking for some travel adventures, but that has to wait until we are back on the road.


In the meantime our Amazon orders arrived via Canada Post and Benno was ready for the final installation. So if you were curious what was in the works, here it is.


The small hole next to the 120V receptacle outlet is now filled with a double USB outlet that also displays the battery voltage, a feature Benno really likes. This is Benno’s side of the bed and on my side I already have a double USB outlet so now we both can plug in our devices.


The arrangement, or lack of it, had irritated Benno, because our previous 24ft 2016 Jayco White Hawk had next to Benno’s bedside a 120V duplex outlet and a double USB outlet that he used for charging the phone and his iPad and sometimes the drone batteries. In addition, the space next to his bedside was wider than mine. On my bedside, which was narrower they skipped the USB outlets. But here is the hammer, on our new 26ft Grand Design everything is the other way around. I got it all and Benno had zero. Don’t these interior designers know that everyone has a need for charging their electronic devices?


Now you want to know what is covering the other hole in the wall where the thermostat was located. Well, we always want to know what the outside and inside temperature is when we get up in the morning or, before going to bed. This “ThermoPro TP-65 Digital Hygrometer” is a wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer that also tells you the humidity. It has a backlight & LCD touchscreen that is easy to read in dim light. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The range is 200ft/60m for the outdoor sensor. The display unit is tabletop or wall-mountable and has a magnetic back design. The outdoor sensor unit has a magnetic back and hanging hole. Benno mounted it just under the awning as shown on the picture.


If you think this is it and Benno has packed up his tools, not so fast. 

I took another couple of photos of the stuff occupying my galley and dinette after he was done with the previous jobs. You might notice the duct pieces. 


The thing is, this travel trailer has a big heat duct outlet in the bedroom. We generally like to sleep in a cooler room. In the main area of the travel trailer there is a large and a small outlet for heat which makes it feel much cooler there than in the bedroom when the furnace is on. Why did they do that? 


Of course my hubby has to rectify this situation by switching out the smaller duct from the living area into the bedroom outlet and by increasing the small outlet in the living area into a larger, 4” one with the help of a Y splitter duct to get the living area toasty warm. We should now have temps throughout the travel trailer just how we like it. However, it would be great if we didn’t need to turn on either furnace or air in our travels with perfect temperatures, but its good to be prepared.


Thanks for dropping in again and maybe I can find something else that might interest you in my next post.



  1. Well thought out modifications but Benno might want to replace the Blue Voltage Display to Red. Blue tends to work like a Night-Light keeping you awake through the night.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you. The USB outlet sits just about a foot from the floor, so with the little light shining it doubles as a tiny night light and Benno can find his slippers in the dark ;-)

  2. Very good thoughts! Rawn&Joann&PeanutJoy(our little ten pounds pouch!)

  3. Benno did such a great job on the modifications to your trailer, well done.

  4. Benno sure knows how to take a travel trailer from just that to a home on wheels. Looking forward to reading about the next project.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Gosh, I hope there are not too many projects left and we can finally go somewhere!

  5. We did the same thing with the ducting in our living room in order to spread the heat. Works like a charm.

    We purchased a few sets of the ThermPro systems in the fall. One sits on my desk attached to three remote sensors, one outside, one in the shed and one under the house. We have another station in the kitchen that reads the sensors placed in the water box, the hot water heater and the water softener. It has come in very handy and Colin is proud of the good job he did in insulating those units.

    Now you just need to get in your RV and travel as soon as winter is over so that you can enjoy all that luxury.

    1. All our previous travel trailers had indoor/outdoor thermometers that we had purchased at Camping World in the USA. This one we got through Amazon. In the house we use one from La Crosse that has even more functions. Don't you love technology?