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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Last year’s recap #9 Enough of Texas already

Our RV parking spot in Port Isabel was such a contrast to the one in Arizona.  Whereas we were looking at mountains silhouetted in golden, orange and red hues Out West with a dry and cool climate, here in this seaport with its humid and subtropical weather, our vista varied from deep cobalt to turquoise and every shade of blue in-between.  But one thing they had in common, there were the birds to watch right from our trailer’s window.  On top of this, to our delight and entertainment, dolphins occasionally swam into the canal of the harbor hunting for fish. 

Down at the canal’s shore the RV Park Management had a dock installed for the use of the casual fishermen.  Some of the RVers had brought their fishing boats along to take out to the flats of Laguna Madre and the Gulf. As far as we could tell, they were quite successful with their catch because flocks of Pelicans would wait patiently at the cleaning tables for bits and scraps every afternoon upon their return. That is if the seagulls didn’t snatch them away up in midair.  

For exercise we often walked for hours along the beach of South Padre Island.  Not all of it though, because the island is 130 miles (209 km) long! The beach area was fairly wide and clean and on windy days we loved to watch airborne kites.  To keep us from boredom we went on long sightseeing drives into Brownsville and Harlingen.  There is a gigantic and famous 77 Flea Market on Sundays in Brownsville. It starts early at 8 a.m. and by that time the large free parking area is already packed. When we arrived the police was directing traffic with cars in queue a mile long waiting for a chance of a parking spot. (Sorry, I didn’t bring my camera)

Our neighboring RV companions had been coming down to this park for many years. They were telling us of the upcoming student invasion during Spring Break, which included wild parties, traffic chaos and overall turmoil to be avoided at all costs.
This event was just a few days away and because we had booked only a month at this RV Park to begin with, we were about ready for a change of scenery.  More research on the Internet and an idea to head for Mobile Alabama was hatched.

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