This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Tuesday 13 December 2016

Acclimatizing to the weather

Wow, our weather here in Ocala sure is nice. Today we have all windows open and are thankful to have partial shade from the big tree next to us.  Of course I am not complaining, but with 28C/82F it is almost too warm for any physical activity.  The dogs don’t mind and are having a blast running around on the large grassy fields that surround this RV Campground.

This morning, after showers and breakfast, the “Harbor Freight Tools” store was calling Benno’s name.  Well, not exactly, but it has been a year since Benno had been there.  The store is somewhat the candy store for guys and you could see a steady stream of men heading there from the large parking lot which is shared by the “Publix” supermarket, “Dollar Tree” and others. While Benno got lost among all the tools and such, I inspected the merchandise of the supermarket and Dollar store.  You cannot come out empty handed from either one, that is a given.

The way to those stores took us along our old hunting grounds from last year.  We thought we quickly drive through the Cliftwood Mobile Home and RV Park to take a look.  The new management has made some improvements and the RV portion of the park is now surrounded with a new, tall, white fence.  The old-timers/permanent RVers seemed to have moved on and when we came to the spot we had occupied last year we couldn’t believe our eyes.  There, parked in the same spot were Don and Nancy’s travel trailer.  We had first met in “Hilltop RV Park” in Alabama and they had told us about the “Wandering Oaks RV Park” where we are now and where they had been staying for several years.  So it seems we have switched campgrounds. Of course we said hello.  Later on, when we were back from our little outing they came by in their truck for a visit.  That is such a nice surprise and we hope to meet up many more times this winter.

In the afternoon our neighbors gave us a home baked German chocolate cake for our coffee time.  Such nice folks here and we feel privileged.  Perhaps I will be able to reciprocate the gesture.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s special celebration!

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  1. we know what you mean about Harbor Freight being an adult toy store but it has helped us out a few times including this one. Benno looked like he had just arrived home in front of the store. In that last picture his expression says serve that cake or you might not have any. Patience Benno! LOL!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.