This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Saturday, 22 April 2017

A trip to Michigan

Today we popped over the border to Michigan.  Our readers will know that Benno got himself a Metal Lathe that was shipped to the campground where we stayed at in Florida this last winter. This new machine was purchased from the company “Grizzly Industrial” in Springfield, Missouri and the tooling for it from a company called “Little Machine Shop” out of Pasadena, California. Today and tomorrow there is the “28th Annual North American Model Engineering Expo” in Wyandotte, Michigan and the company “Little Machine Shop” was one of the vendors at that show.  Of course would my hubby want to go and see this exhibit and perhaps find some items of the “must have and can’t do without” kinds.

I came along for the 188km/117miles trip but I wasn’t entirely sure if there would be anything of interest around for me.  (I’m a good sport and wife)  However, the experience of walking into the exhibition hall was overwhelming. We were surrounded by hundreds of miniature machines that were humming, whistling, whirring, and making all kinds of sounds. There were mini gasoline engines, hot air engines, steam engines and other things that turned and pulsated.  Those creations I presume all involved the use of the home shops machinist’s small lathes and small milling machines. 

This exhibit was something unlike I have ever attended and I can honestly say that I was intrigued.  The show was primarily attended by men and I have to say the ladies missed out – big time! And yes, Benno purchased a few parts of the “have to have” kind for his lathe. One of this is a knurler, the other is a pump oiler and a shop apron, which deflect metal chips. I asked him why another knurler and he said that the other one, which came with the tool post, is putting too much stress on the lathe; this one is 100% better.  Hmmm, okay, all right, go for it!!!

 So here are some random pictures of the displays.

Fascination – men are all alike!


  1. It is good that you went along, sounds like you enjoyed it. My husband would have liked that too. It was a great day for a drive to Michigan.

    1. It was a nice outing. Spring is so much more advanced in Michigan, it had me in awe by just looking at the cherry blossoms and all the flowers and green leaves on the trees.

  2. Anyone that has been around Antique Machinery or around and Industrial setting would have totally enjoyed seeing that Exhibition even without buying a thing.
    Great pictures. I was able to tell what many of the minitures represented.
    On the Half Scale Case steam engine it looks like the vendor was having breakfast when the doors opened. He left his coffee mug and a plate of food on his display. LOL
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Rick, you would have enjoyed the show too, if not for the simple fact of appreciating the workmanship. It surprised me that there were no kids to look at the displays and all that moving gear.