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Wednesday 5 April 2017

Good News & Waiting For Spring Weather

My Dad was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  That is great news.  In his mind he’s good as new and ready to take on the world.  I believe he thought he could drive his car home ;-) The reality is that he’s not allowed to drive for 6 months. In addition, he’s got a small prescription list for medication that he must now take and he is scheduled to go for three weeks to a rehabilitation facility starting in about two weeks time.  That coincides with my sister’s departure for Canada.  My Mom, who has also health issues, will accompany my Dad for the duration of his treatment and hopes that she will also be able to receive some physiotherapy for her ailments at that clinic.  This pretty much dictates my travel time, which I will match to their return from rehab.  So it looks like sometime mid May that I’ll be away for a few weeks. 

All the RVers out there know that it is difficult or not practical to have houseplants when you are away from home for any length of time.  We did not have any plants until my birthday either, but Benno liked this orchid so much when he was out to purchase my birthday flowers, that he decided to get it for me.  It is lovely.  The next day it dropped a flower and another the following day, which had me in a panic.  Thank goodness for all the info on the Internet, however it can be confusing, too.  One website advises to water the flower every three days, another instructs to run water through the pot once a week and yet another said to submerge the pot for 15 min. in water.  Time will tell, but no more dropped flowers so far and I keep my fingers crossed to enjoy it for a long time.

We were going to start with the foundation of the new shed but the weather down here in southern Canada has been a bit disappointing this spring to say the least.  Today it’s 8C/46 F with a bit of sun. However, the ground is so saturated from the rain we’ve had in the past weeks it still goes squish squash when I’m walking on the grass and it would be easier to create a pond instead. The forecast for Friday calls for snow showers.  It’s alreadyApril, for heavens sake!  

This was how it looked a few weeks ago

The birds, it seems, don’t mind what goes on weather wise.  On the front lawn there must be a good supply of earth-worms.  If only these birds would pick the weeds for me!  Next to the garage under the overhang, facing east, we have a birdhouse.  I’m delighted that a bird pair has decided to build their nest in it.  Maybe it’s the same couple from last year?  Who knows?  I hope to take more pictures of them and maybe the offspring without disturbing them too much.

How about a determined squirrel?


  1. Firstly, that is great news about your Dad being home. It is really hard when our parents exchange roles with us. Secondly, I'm glad I'm not alone with the orchid dilemna! I left mine with my sister while I was south. it only bloomed once when she gave it to me. Ive heard all the same techniques but nothing has worked yet to make it re-bloom. :( Thirdly, love that you can capture the birds building their nest. I love that sign of spring!

  2. I think maybe sometimes we have to wait things out. That pertains to all three things above and of course the weather ;-) Thanks for your reply!