This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Tuesday 25 April 2017

Spring Flowers and Metal Creations

My garden is slowly waking up. Every day now more blossoms popping up in the flowerbeds. With each added splash of color I become more passionate to plant further perennials this year so that by next spring my reward will be even greater.

You have to keep in mind that when we bought this place there was only grass here. No trees, no plants, nothing, and all the dirt that was moved and added when the renovation was taking place.  So this is a work in progress.

The periwinkle I planted around the pompom tree has really spread out. My fairy garden is placed under the tree and the lilac flowers of the periwinkle enhance the charm, I think.  All tulips and daffodils are flowering and I wish they would bloom all year long.  Spring is really a magical time.

This is new garden art from Florida

Of course I use every opportunity to be outside now, cutting the grass, pulling weeds and tending to the flowerbeds.  My hubby does help with the self-propelled lawnmower where I cannot get to with the big John Deere riding lawnmower, but otherwise he leaves the garden to me and rather messes around with his lathe.  His issue was that the cutting tool holder that came with the new Quick Change Tool Post (the experts call it QCTP) had knurled nuts made in China. These knurled nuts were undersized and the 6mm thread was not up to “snuff” (Benno’s words) so he made new ones. In his opinion he has to streamline or personalize this lathe.

And then he thought the bed way had a tight spot where the casting might not have aged enough when it was machined and induction hardened in China. With a Norton Sharpening Benchstone he attacked (lapped) the tight spot and after a morning of elbow grease the lathe’s carriage glides now very smooth over the bed way.  (That’s what he said, because I wouldn’t know) So for all you guys or technical inclined people out there, here are some pics.

Left-the Chinese culprit, Right-his new made knurled nut

the knurled nut installed on the OCTP
note the big stainless steel washer under the grey lever
Benno made that one too
from these SS bolts Benno made the above two pieces
when screwed together they become a lever
here the lever functions as a carriage lock

And, this morning there are a couple of fledglings in the Robin nest.  Sorry, I try to get a better picture next time. Both parents are busy feeding them.


  1. Benno is not alone in modifying tools to make them work better.
    Love your Fairy Garden and Flowers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Your garden and landscape are beautiful! What is under the bridge? Is it water with stones?

  3. The little things that make life easier and give us enjoyment. Guess we are all the same ;-)

    1. Patsy, those are glass stones in a plastic tray which has drainage holes. Maybe there was still water in it from the last rain.