This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Sunday, 1 December 2019

We had our Turkey Dinner after all

Blue Jay MH & RV Resort, Dade City, Florida

On Saturday morning we said goodbye to the Wandering Oaks RV Park and headed for the Gander/Camping World Store Ocala, which is actually in Summerfield, Florida. It is a very large store that also houses travel trailers inside. The service department had our tire, a Goodyear Endurance, in stock but first Benno had to jack up the trailer in the parking lot and take the damaged tire off. That went quick and the mounting of the new tire was also done in a short while. Meanwhile we perused the aisles in the store to see if there were any gadgets of interest to us, but we were holding on to our money. When the new tire was ready, Benno mounted it, torqued the nuts and put more air in to bring it to the same pressure as the other three tires. We then headed out to I-75 south for our next destination. 

Benno is mounting the new tire
torquing the nuts
adding air to the tire
the store is so big I could only get a portion of it on the photo

Being it a Saturday, there were not many big trucks on the highway and the driving was good. However, the northbound lanes had two accidents several miles apart and all traffic there was basically on a standstill. We pulled into a rest area where the truck stop area was totally empty. We ate our lunch there before continuing on. 

at a rest area along the I-75 south

Our next RV Park was not far away and our reservation didn’t start until the next day so we had lots of time to get there. The Wesley Chapel Mall along the I-75, one exit after Dade City, was of interest because of all the big stores with the Black Friday weekend deals. Of course we both went to have a look at the stores and their sales. I found a pair of shorts for myself at Ross. Benno only had a look at the Best Buy store but this was it. There was also a Cracker Barrel at that location but the restaurant was way too busy for our liking so we went back a little ways to check out the other location just before Dade City. They had a truly great parking spot for our overnight parking marked RV/Bus at this Cracker Barrel, which we took and later we went inside for dinner.

at the parking lot at Cracker Barrel
the restaurant before it got really busy

Looking at the menu and all their offerings we decided on the extended Thanksgiving dinner. Two breaded turkey breast pieces with cranberry chutney, mashed potatoes with pepper sauce, green bean casserole and biscuits. So we had our tasty Thanksgiving turkey dinner after all.  

our Thanksgiving dinner
we are waiting for our food
the waiter was from Germany and we talked in German

Today we checked in to our new park for the next three months. It is called: Blue Jay MH & RV Resort, Dade City, FL The monthly rate is $333 for full hook up incl. electricity, yep! In general you pay a lot more than that here in Central Florida. The wifi is available in one of the two community rooms. There is cable TV but after cranking up our antenna we found so many channels that I don’t think we need cable. There are lots of empty parking spaces for RVs but the area is mainly set up for park models. Behind us are people from Manitoba, and next to them from Michigan and in front is a couple from Fredericton, New Brunswick. We got handed a package with all the activities available if we want to participate. A quick look around the community rooms, a peek over the heated swimming pool and the new exercise room all appeared to be very nicely kept and inviting. I took some pictures today but will add some more in the coming days. The sewer drain is located in the back of the trailer. Our hose was not long enough to reach it so Benno had to make a quick run to Walmart to purchase an extension to get us hooked up. 

at the entrance to the Blue Jay Resort
the small building to the right is the office
this is the Pelican community room
at the back is a commercial kitchen with huge freezer, two ovens etc.
shuffle board area
seating for outdoor activities
only two washers and two dryers
presume most park models have their own w/d
lots of golf carts in the area
our parking spot with concrete pad

We are just relaxing today. The temperature is 80+F/27C and breezy. Thanks for looking in again. 


  1. That really looks like a nice Park to spend the winter but our trailer is too long.
    Wishing you have a Safe and Enjoyable time.

    It's about time.

    1. It is a nice park, there was an ownership just recently and therefore special offers. Can accommodate 38' and perhaps when you are ready to travel again you might check with them.

  2. We enjoy Cracker Barrels for overnighting but with our slideouts, those rv spaces aren't wide enough.
    Enjoy the park. You should have lots to keep you busy for 3 months. Sad that we won't see you this winter though.

    1. True, the rv spaces at Cracker Barrel are not wide enough for slide outs. There came a very long 5th wheel on a commercial truck in after us. He parked along side the fence and was lucky the space was unoccupied. I know we won't see you this winter but we are planning a visit back home!

  3. What a wonderful find especially for the price. It sounds like a really nice place to spend the next three months. Enjoy your time there.
    Glad the tire did not hold you up for long.

    1. Looks like all the Camping World stores carry the Goodyear Endurance now. Glad they did because all the tire stores were closed on a Saturday. We'll try to have a good time. Same to you!

  4. I can't believe the price of you winter home! Awesome! Looks like a wonderful space you have! Nice you were able to get the tire and get going. Love the spot at Cracker Barrel too! Hard to believe in FL there were hardly any people at the rest area! Looking forward to your adventures in FL!

    1. I guess everyone was at the stores shopping thats why the parking was empty. Have to hold on to my wallet, there are so many temptations here :) Will try to entertain everyone with our impressions of this place etc.

  5. Great monthly price especially including electric. Hopefully your awing will you you enough shade. Not sure how hot it gets there in the winter.

    1. We are hoping for warm and sunny days. Mexico is for sure warmer than FL. This park had a special offer to attract more clients and we thought we give it a try.