This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Kite Fest

We have been blessed with gorgeous fall weather down here in Ontario. Last weekend was kind of breezy; in fact it was quite windy here and perfect to fly a kite. Every year around this time Leamington hosts a weekend long Kite Fest. I drove by the field on Saturday morning after coming from town. It was overcast but already some kites were up in the air. Unfortunately we didn’t know about the evening show where LED lights attached to the kites were giving a spectacular show, so we missed it. But the next day on Sunday afternoon we were going to take a stroll around the sports field to view the many colorful kites. My sister and brother-in-law were here for a visit and so we all went including our Dachsies.

Here are some of the displays. 


Even underwear made it up into the air!

Also on Sunday there were the annual Wiener Dog Races hosted at the Leamington Raceway. It would have been fun to have our dogs participate in the races, but I found out too late and the registry was full, anyway we really didn’t have time for it and passed it this time.

In my previous post I said that the engine installation was done. Well, it is but there are numerous things that are still ongoing all related to the engine more or less, like drive shaft and propeller unit. Benno had early on decided that he wanted an “Aqua Drive” in this boat too as we had one in our previous boat the “Diesel Duck.” An Aqua Drive is an anti-vibration system that sits between the motor and the driveshaft. It eliminates the engine vibration being transferred via the driveshaft into the boat. This unit we had ordered from Seattle and picked up in Detroit at our US mailing address. After its installation Benno then knew how long the driveshaft would have to be and it got ordered for it to be shipped the same way. There are brackets involved that Benno made from thick aluminum rectangle pieces, and modifications inside the boat as well. Many small things too that were made on his milling machine and drill press in his shop that wandered into the boat. In a while I will take another photo showing more hoses and wires hooked up.


This drawing shows an Aqua Drive so you get the idea

Every time I mow the lawn I think this must be the last time this year as the ground is so dry but the weeds seem to survive just fine. Soon you will see me using the sweeper to gather up the fall leaves on our yard, and we don’t even have a leafy tree!


This caterpillar ate most of my remaining dill, but I let it to develop into this:


Nearby there is more reproduction going on but they should look out, as there are a couple of Garter snakes investigating food sources in my garden.  And this very large toad is buried in the sand blending in perfectly with its surroundings right were I noticed a snake. So will it eat a small Garter snake, or will a large Garter snake eat the toad? As of now, I think they are all still around.

Thanks for dropping by again.



  1. We put our Weiner dog in a race or two back in the day. Love to hear about your boat progress, sounds like you are doing it right. I bet you cannot wait to get it out on the water!

    1. You have a photo of your wiener dog racing by chance? There is lots of details to boatbuilding. Check out the "Wayback Machine" on the sidebar.

  2. I'm still in awe that you could put a new engine in a boat and make it all work. VERY cool. Ummm I am not a fan of caterpillars. I think it's the way their legs stick to you! Gives me the shivers. Now the garter snake, I like those guys a little better!!!

    1. Well, it's like rip out and start all over kind of thing. The garter snake ate one of the caterpillars ;-(

  3. Love those kites!! It would have been cool to see the sky filled with them.
    Too bad Elsa and Reggie missed the races.
    You got a lot of great critter pics!

    1. Kites sure have evolved from when I was a kid and flew a homemade one. Our doggies have their own race between them and we love that. Thanks for the compliment.