This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Saturday 7 January 2017

It can get cold here in Florida too.

Yesterday we enjoyed lovely temperatures here in Ocala, FL. With lovely I mean sunny and warm but not hot, just right and it lured the dogs and me to sit outside in the semi shade of the big oak tree for a while watching the squirrels and our surroundings.

 It was also Elsa’s 1st birthday, which meant another hotdog for each of our two rascals to celebrate the occasion.  Instead of a birthday hat Elsa chose to dress up with a pink bow, a girly thing. By the time the warmed up hotdogs appeared, Elsa and Reggy were more than ready to devour them and there was no way of holding them back.  Afterwards Benno and I took them for a walk around the RV Park.

For the last few days we have observed a crew working on the existing Cable TV for all sites here in the Wandering Oaks RV Park. The traditional TV cable system had served it’s purpose and now the crew from the Dish Network installed a satellite dish close to the Management location and fitted associated electronic parts and boosters for feeding a digital signal into the upgraded cable system. Every site has a new hookup post; I must say the picture quality has improved tremendously in addition to all the new channels we are now enjoying. Hey we now have satellite TV, what a park right :))

This park does not have a website, but is generally booked out quickly to 90%. The Wandering Oak RV Parks is well kept, has a loyal clientele and staying here is not killing your budget. So, if any of our readers are interested, I took a few pictures while walking around the three lanes between the rows of parked RVs.  There are large grassy areas to the south and east sides of the park and the north and west sides are adjacent to forest and treed parcels.  Although we see and hear the traffic of the US Hwy 441, there is quite a bit of open area in-between the park and the road. Ocala offers good shopping for food, 2 Walmart Supercenters, 10 Publix Supermarkets, 4 Winn Dixie Supermarkets, 2 ALDI Supermarkets, 3 Save-A-Lot Supermarkets just to name a few. For the boys there is a Northern Tools store, a Harbor Freight store and a huge Gander Mountain for hunting and outdoor goods, so that he could get off the couch.

 Our site is the second last at the end of this road

This is our site

What a difference a day makes.  While I write this the temps outside have changed dramatically from yesterday.  Overnight we experienced a big storm with severe lightening and thunder accompanied with torrential rains.  Inside the trailer the pounding of the rain on the roof sounded like a machine gun on full power and this ruckus lasted for hours. I had to take both doxies into the bed under the blanket because they were scared.  When we all woke up this morning the clock showed 9:30 a.m.  I don’t recall ever having slept in that late into the morning. Tonight the forecasted temperature will hit -3C/26F, but next week looks already much better.


  1. Elsa and Reggie knew exactly what those treats were this time out. They are cuties.
    The rain on an RV Roof would scare a human that knew what the sound was let alone those poor babies that didn't understand.
    Looks like a very nice park.
    Like yourselves we've been experiencing many a cold Day and freezing Night here in Arizona.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Watching the weather it looks like Florida and Arizona are the warmest places in the U.S. yet they are well below normal as well!

  3. Brrr, does sound cold indeed. So far in our travels we haven't reached any temps below 40F but only once at that. If it turns cold, the joke is to turn left. The dogs are beautiful, and they obviously are NOT spoiled at all. :) Our cockapoo, Clemson, has never minded storms so we are very lucky in that regard. Looks like a lovely park. Enjoy!