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Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Gala of the Royal Horses came to the RV Park

Yesterday afternoon we had the pleasure to watch two of the beautiful horses from the troupe of royal horses perform right here on the lawn in our RV Park.

The Gala of the Royal Horses is an equestrian troupe that came originally from Australia. They have settled here in the Ocala area on a large farm where they give residents and visitors the opportunity to see the troupe in action with performances of the Andalusian, Friesian, Lipizzaner and Arabian breeds.  Rene Gasser, the owner of the establishment, told us that the troupe travels extensively all over the country to entertain people with their specialized horse show.  The horses of Europe are some of the most celebrated in history, favored for centuries by royalty and the performance is about the tradition, athleticism and grace of these admired animals.

Rene Gasser performed movements on an 8-year-old Lipizzaner horse called Cubano that were very impressive to me. Meanwhile his daughter had the audience in awe with performances of her Arabian horse.  It was interesting to learn that typically their horses start at the age of 3 with their training and continue with different levels until to the age of about 12 to 18 to be fully trained. So it takes 10 years for a horse to command all the movements and then they become teachers for the young riders. 

To learn more and to view a video of the horses click this link The Gala of the Royal Horses  of their official website.

We very much appreciated the performances and entertainment provided to us here at the Park. It was a beautiful event on a warm 82F/27C Saturday afternoon.  Stay tuned for my blog post about our daytrip last week to the Navy's finest that took a 637km/400mile round trip with our truck.

( Linda and Ed's youtube video from the comments section: klick here )


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, the horses were beautiful. We took many more pictures but I thought these samples were enough.

  2. One of these days we'll get to seeing those beautiful horses.
    Glad to hear from you. We were worried if the storms that have been hitting Florida were anywhere near you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I know I'm behind with my posting but I couldn't find the time last week. We were on the go every day. High winds today and lots of falling branches from the tree. Hardly any rain so far but very humid at 81F.

  3. Hey guys, Ed and I watched this youtube movie about the Lipp's during the fall and really enjoyed it! You should check it out - They are sooo beautiful!! Cheers!

  4. Thanks guys, that is a neat youtube video.
    I've included it on the bottom of this post for just one klick.