This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Wednesday, 4 December 2019

A day of waiting

Blue Jay MH & RV Resort, Dade City, Florida

We placed an order online a few days ago. The UPS tracking number showed it has been out for delivery since 09:25 a.m. so we were hopeful to get our package this morning. It is now evening and there is no sign of UPS. That is disappointing since we hung around the trailer all day waiting and being afraid to go anywhere in case we would miss the delivery guy. 

Florida is now slowly warming up again and todays high were 19C/66F. Tomorrow it should be even warmer. The dogs had their numerous walks with Benno and again with me and for a while we sat outside enjoying the nice warm sunshine. No sign of Willi. Maybe he is exhausted from his recent excavating activity and is now asleep. 

I took a few more pictures here in the park. There were landscaping guys at work at a couple of houses planting nice looking shrubs and flowers. Most owners have a little flower garden or plants around their units and the colors are beautiful. The next few pictures were taken around our unit and I will take more over the next little while.

In our park’s newsletter I noticed an offer for free lemons in someone’s backyard. They said they had thousands and to feel free to pick some. So I did. In Canada the lemons are often sold in bunches and I have been in the habit of freezing the juice and zest separately so I have it at hand when the recipe calls for them. On our boats I used to wrap lemons and limes in aluminum foil and stored them in the fridge. That kept them fresh for long periods.

So not much had been happening here today. We laid the outdoor carpet out, but need to weigh it down with some planters. The supplied carpet anchors, which are meant for lawn or dirt ground, don't do any good on the concrete pad. This will justify a trip in to Zephyrhills tomorrow to get some nice looking planters.

Update: Yay, the UPS guy just pulled in with our package at 06.30 PM! He needed Benno's help to lift the damned thing from the truck as it weighed about 100 pounds according to him. The contents I will reveal tomorrow, so stay tuned.


  1. I'm waiting for a wine delivery from CA (we are in NV) was supposed to be here yesterday, but guess the weather over the pass made it difficult. So another day of waiting, but that's ok, it's nice to be home. :) Your park is beautiful! Love the lemons!

    1. If the wine doesn't show up, you will know that it was an excellent and tasty one :)) The lemons were so heavy that they weighed the branches down. Beautiful to look at it too.

  2. Don't you just hate waiting around like that. The weight distribution bars will keep Benno busy installing them.

    1. I knew you'd figure out what was in the box ;-) and yes, we were anxious for it to get here and wasted a whole day sitting around. Then again we need to learn to relax.

  3. At least he did show up. Is there anyway that you can arrange for delivery to the park's office instead of to your site?