This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Monday 2 December 2019

Scrumptious Dinner

Blue Jay MH & RV Resort, Dade City, Florida

During Sunday night I had to get up to close our bedroom window as a heavy downpour woke me up.  I quickly dropped back to a peaceful sleep. The rain cooled the air and it was only 13C on Monday morning. However inside we were still at 22C so no need to turn any heat on.  Our parking spot is on a grass area and the amount of rain was enough to soften the ground and lean us a bit to one side. Benno wanted to put a board under the tires so we had an agenda. Of course we got enough of wood boards at home and have purchased some for the same purpose in previous years but we never keep them or bring any from home so a trip to town was in order. 

Benno wanted to go to Home Depot to get a 2x8x8ft treaded plank and have it cut to four 2ft pieces. We discovered that the HD is out of town and close to the store there was a construction zone that had a long line of cars backed up waiting to go through. I mentioned that there would probably be a Lowes in town and we didn’t need to drive that far to get the wood. Tired of waiting we turned around to drive back the way we had come and sure enough, Lowes is only about 8 minutes from our RV resort. Once we got inside the store to get our board of wood we found out that their saw was out of order. So back into the truck we drove all the way now to HD. This time the waiting line of cars at the construction was a bit shorter but guess what?  At HD the panel saw was out of order too, apparently some employee had cut drywall on the saw and the blade was toast! Thank goodness they had a working table saw the employee used to cut our 8ft plank down. Back at the park Benno fitted two of the wooden board under the curbside tires of the leaning side of the trailer and we are leveled once again, so the shower drain is working properly and the shower door is not hitting the naked ass while toweling off after the shower. 

Here at the RV Park one of the activities offered is Yoga three times a week. This morning I met the certified and professional yoga instructor. She is from Toronto, Canada, and is just starting to teach the class. I inquired about the sessions and told her I didn’t bring a mat etc. but might be interested. She said the program said “chair yoga” which is what my 92-year-old mother is doing at her retirement home. I had a good chuckle at that because that is not what I would be participating in and said I would check with her again sometime this week to see if she would teach regular yoga in case she would not get enough participants for the “chair yoga” since no one else had been showing up this morning for the class.

Being it a cool day here in Florida I decided to prepare Cheese Spaetzle, which is one one of our favorite dishes. I have to confess that I didn’t make the noodles from scratch. These were purchased at the Aldi store but I also buy them at the German section at Walmart. They cook quickly and I always cook the whole package at once. Separately I fry a large chopped onion together with at least 4 rashers of thick sliced bacon cut up into small pieces and a bit of chopped celery. Sometimes I add more bacon fat or oil if the bacon is too lean and then add the drained, cooked Spaetzle to the pan. I had to use two smaller frying pans because I didn’t bring my large frying pan. Once all is mixed I add some good cheese to it. This time I used shredded Jarlsberg and Parmesan. Serve when the cheese has melted.  There was enough food for another day or more. If you have never eaten Spaetzle, I feel sorry for you!
Stay tuned for more fun here at the park.


  1. You can now feel sorry for us as we have never had Spaetzle...:( but it does sound delicious...:)
    Sinking into the grass does not sound like fun, the whole being hit in the "naked ass" while toweling off even less Glad to read it has been solved.

    1. If we happen to meet up I can remedy the situation by inviting you to a dinner of cheese Spaetzle ;)

  2. The Joys of making yourselves comfortable for the rest of your stay. Where ever you travel in the south you come across Road Construction.
    Seeing that Spaetzie is making my mouth water.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your stay.

    It's about time.

    1. It was not so much the nuisance of the construction but why drive so far for a piece of wood when you could have picked one up almost next door ;-)

  3. You ere most persistent in getting those cut boards. Frustrating but all is well and you created a wonderful dinner likely served with an equally wonderful wine.