This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Wednesday 11 December 2019

Some good deals and a break from the heat

Blue Jay MH & RV Resort, Dade City, Florida

After two days of hot temps here in mid Florida, we cooled down today to 76F/24C. There was even a shower here at the RV Park but we were away at the time shopping in Zephyrhills where it stayed dry.

I had found out that Bealls, a department store, carries Benno’s favorite style of Crocs shoes. On Monday we had gone to the Aldi Store in Lakeland where I took advantage of some great food deals, like a dozen large eggs for 78 cents and family packs of pork loin and chicken breasts and many more good deals. However, there was also a large Bealls store close by. Of course I combined the outing to pop into Bealls to see if they had the elusive Crocs. They had, but wouldn’t you know it, not in his size 10.

Baked parmesan crusted chicken breast and green beans
we ate on Monday (Aldi foods)

So today while we were in Zephyrhills where there is also a Bealls store, I gave it another try to find those Crocs.  Yes, they had that style and color, but just as I had feared, only in sizes 12, 11 and 8. Darn! Not to be defeated I talked to a store sales associate and found out that they cannot order any more shoes in but I could order them online for the same store sales price to be shipped to the RV Park, which I did right there and then. I got a confirmation of my order by email but it did not say when they would be shipped. We’ll see what happens but my hunt for the shoes has stopped. For now.

Tuesday dinner of Lake Erie Pickerel fish filet I had in the freezer from home
with a herb cream sauce

Another first for us was a visit to the “Rural King” store. We weren’t familiar with this kind of a chain farm store and found that it is like a TSC (Tractor Supply Center) but five times or more the size of a TSC. They had several varieties of live chicks in the store, which I found most interesting. Honestly, I didn’t know so many different kinds of chickens existed. However, Benno found a good deal for a Hitch Ball and I thought to give the package of “Amish Kluski Noodles” a try. They look like “Spaetzle” and I will report once I cooked them. Oh, and a new pair of jeans landed in my shopping cart as well.

How about:
Columbian Wyandotte, Egyptian Fayoumi or
Black Australorp Chick?

Out in the parking lot there were several unique motorbikes parked close to our truck. Haven’t seen any like these back home in Canada.

You must think we are out shopping every day, but we do get restless sometimes and you can only do so much reading and relaxing, so a little window shopping and browsing of stores that are not familiar to us, is kind of interesting too. 

Tonights dinner we had Cordon Bleu pork tenderloin
I stuffed the pork with Prosciutto and Jarlsberg Cheese

These two signs we spotted here in front of two mobile homes and they made us smile.

Thanks everyone to visiting and I hope you all had a good day as well. 


  1. You are right, you can only take so much relaxing and reading before you start getting Cabin Fever even when you are outside.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler Warm Temperatures.

    It's about time.

    1. Rick you and Benno seem to always want to do things and the relaxing part doesn't last too long for you guys. Since there are no mountains to climb here, I guess exploring stores will have to do.

  2. Always fun to explore a bit different areas you visit, And the Lake Erie pickerel is a real treat , we have some in our freezer as well hope I get to cook it!

    1. We were so lucky to have fishermen neighbours that share their catch with us. Nothing like fresh caught fish although I froze it right after. It still tastes good. Slowly we get to explore the neighbourhood around the RV Park.

  3. Your dinners always sound so good and look so beautiful plated.
    That first motorcycle looks like it is smiling at you...:)
    I find it frustrating when I am looking for shoes and the size I take is the only one missing...glad you were able to order those crocs on line.

    1. Thanks, I enjoy cooking and eating :) The motorcycle looked so macho parked the way it sat on the lot. Yup, the same for me, must have the most popular size in shoes, so special deals never in my size.

  4. I agree with Deb. Your dinners always put my 'throw on the plate and eat' meals to shame!
    Those motorcycles are around our area and London a fair bit back home. Called Spyders. Interesting and safer to me with 3 wheels. :)
    Shopping is fun but also tiring. Nice to have choices for our day time hours!

    1. Oh come on Patsy, your dinners look pretty good and I'm sure taste even better and I know you can bake too! If I'd seen those bikes in Ontario I would have stopped too to have a look. Pretty neat. Yep, lots of shopping opportunities here. Have to slow down as I am bringing something home everyday :)