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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Last year's recap #6 Going Underground

The area around the Tombstone Territories RV Park is called Cochise County. The city of Bisbee is the county seat and a lovely scenic drive of about ¾ of an hour takes you to this pretty tourist town, which is nestled high in the Mule Mountains.  Located at the southeast corner of Bisbee off Hwy 80 is the entrance to the Copper Queen Mine. A visit and tour of this old historic mine was on our agenda and I have added a few pictures I took while we were traipsing through a myriad of dark burrows so if you like to see some quality photos I’d suggest you click the link to the official  Queen's Mine While doing a little research on the Internet and reading about the history of the Copper Queen Mine on Wikipedia, I became quite fascinated with the story of "Wager Of A Lifetime" telling how George Warren, in a state of drunken stupor, gambled away his grubstake and a couple of years later, while taking a bet that he could outrun a horse, lost his remaining interest in the copper mine, which turned out to be in the millions of dollars.  He died penniless. 

The area attractions around the TT RV Park are a couple of pages long and depending on your likes of things to do, you could be busy for a month and not have seen them all.  Worthwhile mentioning I think is a visit to the Kartchner Caverns which are just around the corner from the RV park, about 9 miles down I-10.  These limestone caves let you marvel at calcite formations. There are stalactites dripping down looking like icicles, and giant stalagmites on the ground reaching up.  The caves a humid and warm, even in winter, so do not wear a wool sweater.  The tours are guided and NO photos of any kind were allowed. Sorry, I don’t have pictures.

However, later in the day we strolled again through Tombstone and this time we visited the Courthouse, where I was allowed to use my camera. The building is the authentic 1882 Victorian structure and is now a museum. On the upper floor is a reproduction of the courtroom with court proceedings from the 1880’s on monitors to watch.  In the courtyard a replica of the gallows was in the process of being built. 

Looking back at the couple of months we stayed at the TT RV Park, we have pleasant memories.  There were a ton of things to see and to do and if you are into hiking or have an ATV to bring along, beautiful trails await you. Every site is spacious and the majority of them have trees planted next to the picnic area.  We hung a couple of birdfeeders into the branches and at breakfast and suppertime we were rewarded with a feeding spectacle, which we really enjoyed. The RVers in the park were a great bunch but our goodbyes’ had to be made because we wanted to visit Texas next. 

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