This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Saturday 24 March 2018

Another year blew by and a “hmmm” incident

As the years pass birthdays seem to sneak up on me faster than ever before. Gosh, yesterday I turned yet another year older. I like to forget about the numbers and just think of it as another reason to make it a special day with good food in the company of my hubby.  Weather-wise we were rewarded with bright sunshine, warm temps and a light breeze that didn’t hamper our dinner preparations on the Weber Q. I took care of the asparagus being barbecued on the grill mat before Benno put on the rib eye steaks. The mushrooms I sautéed in the frying pan on the stovetop, as well the caramelized onions.

We do not eat large portions anymore and this was just enough to fill us up. My special birthday cake, a strawberry and blueberry torte made with real whipping cream, we ate in the afternoon served with a nice cup of coffee. That is a tradition from Germany where the dessert pastries are being served in the afternoon. Also you might know the word: “Kaffeeklatsch” translated it means you invite friends over for coffee and cake in the afternoon and gossip.

Because it was my birthday, Benno thought I might want to have a look around at the “Tanger Outlets Mall” in Foley to pick out a birthday present. The mall is located near the Exit 44 from the I-10 and close to other shopping as well. I thought about if I wanted to go and decided I could use a new pair of Crocs for the garden. The first shoe store I went into didn’t have any. When I asked about them I was told that there was a “Crocs Outlet” store within the outdoor mall. Well, wouldn’t you know it, there were hundreds of them Crocs in that store and I got a coupon for 25% off the already reduced sales price. I considered it my lucky day.

The RV Park we are at is halfway to either cities Mobile, AL or Pensacola, FL, so we travel alternately depending what is on our agenda. Crossing over the Stateline to Florida there is a large welcome center on I-10. We drive by there so often and have never stopped there this year. A couple of days ago we decided to exit there for a quick pit stop for the dogs. If you go into the building you are offered a free sample of pure orange juice. Outside there is an actual ‘Blue Angles” plane on a pedestal as a tourist attraction. It’s a busy and popular stopover.

Driving the opposite way on either the Old Spanish Trail, or I-10, getting off at the Exit 35 or 35A, brings us to many more shopping areas. On the north side across the I-10 is the Bass Pro store. On the south side of the I-10 is one of my favourite stores the “Fresh Market” an upscale supermarket with many imports and specialty foods. By the way, their almond paste filled croissants is to die for. Next to this store is a “Hobby Lobby”. We were there last week for a little shopping as it had been a cooler day and we didn’t want to sit around the RV.  After our purchases we decided to have a look at the Daphne Gator Boardwalk that is supposed to wind through a nice conservation area and its starting point is only minutes away from the shopping area we were at. There is no relationship to the Alligator Alley Farm in Summerdale, AL. The City of Daphne has right at the exit of the Interstate 10 a river and swamp section provided with a boardwalk and security fence, free of admission fee to everyone to enjoy the wildlife watching including alligators. We parked the truck in the empty parking area, grabbed both dogs and started walking along the designated trail. That trail looks very inviting, however we were underdressed and with only windbreakers we still felt cold so decided to return to the truck and to come back on a warmer day. 

I am so glad that we returned when we did.  There was now a white sedan parallel parked not more than a foot away from the passenger door of our truck. Two colored younger guys were sitting in the car. There were no other cars around in the parking lot and there was no reason to park so close next to us. We had left all our purchases visible in the truck when we went for our walk. Mobile has a problem with car break-ins, so Benno pressed the alarm button on our key fob to give a quick alarm sound as we approached and the white sedan left in a hurry. Hmmm.

Today was another not go anywhere day, but we went to the fence of the RV Park to feed a nice red apple to a couple of horses. Sorry horses, I only had one apple left.

Thanks everyone for dropping in. We had a good day and hope the same for you. Until next time....


  1. What a great day! And Happy Belated birthday, no number needed as long as you had a special day. Love the crocs, best gardening shoes ever! Well, ours are 'knockoffs'. :)
    What a nice Welcome Centre, Bill would love the Blue Angel.
    you returned to the car for more than one reason, obviously. Wow, lucky!!

    1. Thanks. I have a pair of "knockoffs" crocs that I really like but can't remember where I bought them to get another pair. At least that outlet store had many different styles and colours to choose from. There are many sites here that would interest guys like ships and planes and army tanks etc.

  2. Happy Belated birthday to you as well, sounds like a fun day. Love that area so much to see and do.

    1. Thank you. That is the nice part of staying in an RV Park that is close to larger towns or cities with attractions and shops. Although this park is very quiet in a rural setting.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Marlene. Glad you had an Enjoyable Day.
    We carry a dark blanket so if we go anywhere with purchases covered on the floor they are not visible from the outside.
    Using the Key Fob was a good thing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks. That wasn't very well planned on our side and not very wise to leave things out in the open. I don't even want to go back to that municipal parking spot anymore if we want to do that trail.