This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Tuesday 6 March 2018

It has to rain sometime

This morning it rained here in Robertsdale. Boohoo, but no matter there is always something we can do regardless of the weather. My hubby decided he needed to go out in the pouring rain to soap up our truck, because the accumulated pine tree pollens stick to the paint and that can be a nuisance to remove.  He was determined and would not listen no matter what I said to change his mind and to wait until the rain would lessen up. Thank goodness he hurried through that task but he still looked pretty drenched when he came back in. I just shook my head although I have to admit the rain finished the job of rinsing the gum off and the truck is now shiny again.

All shiny again

At home we use our fair size barbecue quite often but it is way too big to travel with us. Our little stainless steel barbecue, which we had bought for our Diesel Duck trawler in Sint Maarten, a Caribbean Island, and taken with us when the boat was sold, was moved again to travel with us in our travel trailers. It had served us well over the years but it was time to move up and to treat us to a newer and little more spacious and updated model. Most of you travelers know of or own a Weber BBQ and they are pretty reliable and produce good heat. We knew our next BBQ purchase would be a Weber product and that is what we got. It arrived yesterday afternoon and a couple of hours later we enjoyed our first T-bone steaks grilled on this new BBQ. In storage there are a few of the mini propane bottles left which are going to be used up before our 20 pound gas bottles come into action. A 4 ft extension LPG hose and a milk crate to store the 20-pound tank are as well in our inventory.

The new BBQ

 Yep! Our stainless Marine BBQ found a new happy owner. Michael, our next-door neighbor, an ex army Special Forces member, happily took it. When we got here, I asked Benno if he knew whom our neighbor was. He said, “You don’t mess with that guy, he is big and all muscle.” Michael is now a special operations contractor and all his work is overseas. When he finally comes home he slabs a couple of steaks on his BBQ, downs a few cold ones and sleeps for a couple of days. Otherwise, he is pretty tight lipped about his work and didn’t want his picture taken. As I observed Michael a couple days ago squeezing two steaks onto his BBQ for his supper I guessed that this relic of a BBQ must have seen a few missions and was ready to retire.

Michaels's new stainless steel BBQ

Michael's old BBQ

Michael's nest

On another subject I am surprised that there is still no consideration here about reducing recyclable items. The stores, especially the grocery stores, are very generous with their plastic shopping bags when we shop. Back in Canada we are encouraged to bring our own bags, boxes or other means of transporting the groceries home unless we want to pay for the plastic bags the stores provide. So frugal as I am, I am using those grocery plastic bags we get here while shopping for my trash.  I prefer to dispose of it every day instead of accumulating it and those bags seem to be just the right size.  Faced with a bundle of plastic I needed to tame inside my cupboard, I resorted to an empty tissue box to insert triple folded bags, layer upon layer. Can you guess how many folded bags fit into an empty tissue box? Once you press the air out of them and lay them flat there is room for 100 bags! I wont be here long enough to use them all up ;-)

I used a standard Kleenex box

Tonights sunset

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  1. Brilliant idea to use the empty kleenex box to store your 'new' garbage bags. 100,eh! Nice of you to gift your still wonderful looking BBQ to your neighbor. You might have called this post "recycling". Heck Benno even used rain water to wash the truck.

    1. Contessa we sometimes do strange things, or differently than most people ;-)
      Now it's up to our neighbour to recycle his BBQ.

  2. Kleenex box is a great idea. We use a milk crate for our 20 lb BBQ tank also, along with the 4 foot hose, works great.

    1. Bill, the credit goes to you. If I remember correctly Benno picked up the idea with the milk crate and 4 foot hose from pictures or your or Patsy's blogs. He is very observant, you know. ;-)

  3. Glad you got a nice new Weber Q, really love ours, I am sure you will enjoy yours as well it has been going strong for close to 9 years now. Ours is hooked directly to the main tank on our motorhome with 12 foot hose, no need to carry the extra tank.

    1. George, you got a good system going with your BBQ and a nice wind shelter for it. We already have two spare 20 lb propane cylinders we can use and Benno is moving the Weber Q out of the wind around the trailer. It would be a long hose.

  4. Kathy wouldn't let me wash our truck because she was scared of Lightning but since Benno didn't use the water from the tap the park could not complain.
    Your steak may have been tasty but the next one will taste better now you have cooked meat on it. It was a nice jester to give your old grill to Mike.
    Kathy will show you how to fold your bags smaller.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Rick, you got that right. The Weber Q had to be broken in. After the steaks we grilled Brisket burgers and tomorrow we'll do marinated pork loins.
    Our RV Park lets people wash their rigs and cars. Guess there is no water shortage here.