This was our 2013 Jayco Flight Swift 198 RD


Saturday 3 March 2018

Blue sky and warm sunshine, it can’t get any better than that

What can I say it’s been great so far here in Robertsdale, Alabama where daytime temperatures have just been perfect for us with plenty of sunshine but not too hot so that we don’t have to run the air and open windows are enough to keep us cool. Other than a couple of shopping trips we’ve been hanging around the travel trailer.  Yesterday Benno gave the truck a good wash because it needed it.  Morning dew mixed with airborne pollen from the surrounding trees of the RV Park and some road dust had caked enough grime on the red paint of the truck that it was high time to get the dirt off before someone would write on it “wash me”.

In town we were trying to hunt down Benno’s favorite “Chicago Hard Rolls” which are small buns that taste like a French Baguette, but the store we bought them last is going to discontinue baking them. Too bad. However, we were successful in bringing home the new coffeemaker. This one is made by “Krups” and hopefully will live longer than its predecessor. It has passed our test of a decent cup of coffee and we gave it thumbs up. After all, the output can only be as good as the quality of product you put into it.

Here in the States mail is also delivered on Saturdays, which is not the case in Canada and today we got a parcel from Amazon. It had been a wish of mine to get a set of Walky-Talkies, also called two-way radios and as it is so often the case they are better priced here than back home. With the increased amount of smart phones these days those radios are not as popular as they once were. However, they do not require cell service and have a 30-mile radius depending on the terrain as the package claims (maybe it's just a good sales pitch). We’d like to use them back home to communicate from Benno’s shed to the house, while biking, hiking or when we are walking the dogs. There are many uses, I guess, and we only own one cell phone. The rechargeable lithium batteries are supposed to last 12 hours of operation time.

Several times during the day our dogs get to go for walks or rather they take us for walks ;-)  It’s good for all of us and they are totally spoiled to get their wish every time they beg for it. Their favorite walk is in the woods behind the RV Park. It leads to adjacent grazing fields for horses. Those horses come to the fence to look at our dogs and perhaps for handouts and the dogs are totally excited to see these huge creatures. I don’t know much about horses but these seem very nice and good-natured.  By the way, there are several Dachshunds in this RV Park and a lot of woofs and tail wagging’s are going on between them when they say hello to each other on their walks.

That’s it from me today. Hope everyone had a good day as well.


  1. Benno is very right that buying the Cheapest is not always worth the Pain they give you in the end.
    Glad you are enjoying your warm sunny days.
    We'll need a Jackhammer to get our truck clean.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Guess we learned our lessons. Every day that we get warm sunshine is a gift and we'll try to enjoy it.

  2. Doxies are always so good with other doxies. They usually only bark at other breeds if they are going to bark that is. Lots of sniffs on that trail.

    1. They certainly get more excited when they see another doxy. We are having lots of laughs here.

  3. Nice post. We have Cobra 2-way radios and have had them for quite a few years. The range isn't too bad really, sometimes we can reach further than others but mostly we use them when backing into a new site and also when hooking up our satellite dish. They work great for that!
    Love the pictures of you both with the dogs. Looks like the dogs are definitely taking you for a walk, Marlene! Benno has a better handle on them! :) ha ha
    Nice to see grass in the park, I must admit.

    1. Now if we could just remember to take them along ;-) If anything it will be good not to holler to each other to be heard so I'm looking forward to their use. You are way ahead of us, though.